[TMT][530] Ultraman Tiga – Ultra Replica Black Spark Lence! ウルトラレプリカ ブラックスパークレンス

Thực hiện: Boss Doggie-sama! Kyo Đàm!

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  1. when i was a kid i wanna be ultraman so i can beat my friend asses..hahahhaha so i bought the spark lens at a shop..i try transform but i cant..hahahha but right now i bought it because its beautiful design not only tht because its kind of nostalgic memory from my children life..its okay though to have stuff like tht to make a collection ..

  2. In my opinion, this Black Spark Lense Replica had one advantage over the gold one and it is the fact that it doesnt play a bgm that annoy you everytime you turn it on. Seriously, the Replica of Dyna, Ultraman and Tiga Dark seem to olay their bgm after a few seconds but the other one seme to do it all the time.

  3. Hey, how are you? Real quick and I don't wanna hold you up,…. where can I get some of these online,…. Looking back and forth on even the first TWENTY pages comes to certain toy sales I wouldn't consider by price, shipping or whatever. Just thought you wouldn't mind 🙄….


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