🎁 Free Gifts, Maps, Skins 🎁 | Minecraft Community Celebration | GET THESE BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!

hey guys i'm Aiza and today i'm going to be 
telling you how to get some free stuff i don't   forget to stop hit that icon so you don't miss 
any new posts and don't forget to take a look   at my other channel Aiza's World now let's go so 
how to get into these free gifts is when you're on   your menu screen just click on marketplace and 
then you'll see this at the top of your screen   community celebration click on that view upcoming 
right here and then all of your stuff shows up   i honestly am very excited to see what this 
what day 14 is going to be because i'm guessing   it's based off of a chicken so i've done a 
video on how to get other free stuff before   but this is like exclusive things so you guys 
see this new thing the community celebration   get daily a marketplace gifts through january 7th 
basically what it does is it gives you gifts for   the whole month starting with day one so 
i have gotten quite a while a lot of them   so i have the little industrial zone free it's 
a limited time as well so you have to be careful   then we have another graph we have graph chain 
free buy it and then you have you every now and   again you'll get free maps which looks amazing 
oh my god there's a chicken hat oh my god   every now and again you'll get free maps 
which is the bigger presents or the red ones   and this is one of the maps that is available it 
is simba product it is simburya it is actually   available right now so you don't have to wait 
then we have the chicken hat oh my god look   at it yes yes we are so buying that then we 
have a shirt oh it's just a white shirt okay   and then for day one we have chicken i'm guessing 
there's gonna be a whole chicken soup oh my god   so yeah that's all you can get right 
now but as time goes by all the way to   day 31 you will get gifts and it will be amazing 
i have gotten quite a lot of stuff that i don't   think i would have ever had before i mean look 
look at look look at this it's so funny look at it i really like that graph change so there's a 
really some really cool stuff that you can get   so you want to get these before they're gone   well guys i hope you enjoyed this video here 
and don't forget to sub hit the bell icon so   you don't miss any new posts and don't forget 
to take a look at my other channel Aiza's World   so as you guys next time bye there goes 
that graph chain and i'm gonna be a chicken   oh my goodness wait wait wait let's 
do this let's make this oh my god   oh my god what have i done look at this guy 
he's so cute no we must remain a chicken   look at it oh my god this is the best 
thing i've ever seen in minecraft you

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