[1.7.10 – 1.17.1] How to get a FREE Minecraft Cape 2021!

hello guys it is james here and today i'm going to 
be showing you how to get a free minecraft cape uh   on minecraft so that's an optifine cape a hd cape 
um or LabyMod cape Lunar cape any cape you want   this is how you get a free cape in minecraft now 
you can see loads of people with their capes here   all their hd capes over here i've got a christmas 
one on banner capes there's everyone here on the   capecraft server so yeah i hope that this video 
helps if it does don't forget to subscribe   and if you need any help you can join our discord 
in description but let's get right into the video   tutorial so the first thing you want to do is 
visit minecraftcapes.net and the link for that   website will be in the description then once you 
reach this webpage you want to click the register   button up here and that will take you to this page 
here now um slightly different than unusual the   mod is actually linked to your minecraft account 
so to verify that you own the minecraft account   and we first want to join this minecraft server 
here so i'm just going to pop open minecraft   now that i've got minecraft open i'm just going 
to go to multiplayer direct connect and i'm just   going to join the auth.minecraftcapes.net 
minecraft server and just click join server and that's going to give me an authorization 
code so that's 662860 so i'm just going to pop   in that code which is 662860 um and you can join 
this server with any minecraft version you want   1.7.10 to the latest version so once you've popped 
in the code if i click confirm identity it's going   to say welcome james09500 which is me so i'm 
just going to pop in a password of my choice and i'm just going to agree to the acceptable 
textures policy which basically says what we're   not allowed to upload to the website so i'm gonna 
agree to that and click register brilliant now   we're all logged into the website what i'm gonna 
do now is i'm gonna choose a cape that i wanna   upload on the back of my character so to do that 
i'm going to go over to the gallery i'm going to   look in the special capes gallery here i'm going 
to choose the christmas cape over here because   it's christmas so i'm just going to click download 
next to that cape and that's going to download   a picture file and then i'm going to go back 
to upload cape i'm going to click select file   and i'm gonna find that xmas cape which 
i just downloaded which is over here   and click open and that's gonna ask me if 
i want to upload the cape and then i click   upload and there we go you can see the 
cape is on the back of my character here   and i'm looking very cool so that that's our cape 
applied which is um one of the important things   to do and now that we've got the cape applied 
we're going to need to start the download mode   so the next thing we want to do is go 
to the second link in the description   which is going to take us to the forge download 
page now i'm going to download uh the minecraft   forge version 1.16.4 and you're just going to 
get onto these selected and i'm going to click   the installer button over here under the latest 
and click installer and that's going to down uh   take me to this add download page now you want to 
ignore everything which is on here and go to the   very top right hand corner up here and click 
the skip button that's going to then download   minecraft forge once that's downloaded it's going 
to ask us if we want to keep or delete the file   because it could harm our device now that's only 
because it's a jar file all minecraft mods say   that so you'll just click keep it's just windows 
warning you that it's a mod once that's downloaded   we can open it up and it's going to ask us if 
we want to install the client or any of these   options we're going to leave it as install client 
and we're just going to click ok now that's going   to go through all of this here downloading and 
installing for forge so it's going to let that run   now that forge is finished installing we can 
simply just press ok on this window here and   that will close the forge installer and 
then we can close the forge web page   now that we've installed forge we need to download 
the minecraft capes mod um so we're going to go   back to the minecraft cape's website which is the 
first link in the description and then we're going   to click the download tab at the top here and then 
we're going to choose forge because we're using   forge and then we're going to click the version 
that we want to install in this case it's 1.16.4   and then we're just going to click download 
and that's going to download a mod and like   we said last time it's going to give us a 
warning because it's a mod we can just click keep now once that's downloaded we don't want to open 
it because it won't do anything instead we want   to hold down the windows key and the r key on the 
keyboard which will open up this little run box   inside the run box we're going to type in percent 
app data percent and then we're going to click ok now that's going to open up the file explorer 
and in there you'll see a dot minecraft folder   right at the top here so we're going to go into 
the dot minecraft folder and then we're going   to make a new folder so i'm just going to uh 
right click and click new folder now i'm going   to we're going to name this folder mods mods like 
that so you have to make sure you make a new one   if it doesn't exist we're going to call it mods 
okay and we're going to go inside the mods folder   now i'm just going to drag this 
to one side and i'm going to   open up my downloads folder which is 
where i downloaded the minecraft capes mod   so we can see here minecraft capes forge 1.16.4 
that was a file i just downloaded then i'm going   to drag this into the mods folder like so so now 
we've got the minecraft cape's forge in the mods   folder once we've done that we can close all of 
these folders and all of these internet windows   and we can open up the minecraft launcher once 
the minecraft launcher is open you're gonna see   in the drop down list we're gonna see a version 
called forge and you should see that it should   be the minecraft version we just downloaded 
which is forge 1.16.4 so we're going to   make sure that we click that so it says forge 
down here and then we're going to click play and it's going to give us it might 
it might give us a warning that says   you're about to play a modified 
version of minecraft that's fine   we'll just click i understand the risks and don't 
warn me again and then we'll just click play and that's going to download some forge libraries 
now so we're going to let that do that now that   we've got minecraft open we're going to see a 
few uh different buttons on the screen the first   thing is the mods button now if you don't see the 
mods button close the game and make sure you're   definitely launching forge if you do see the mods 
button if we click it in there we should see the   minecraft capes mod now if you don't see the 
minecraft capes mod make sure that you've   definitely put the mod in the mods folder so 
you might want to go back and re-watch the video   now that that's done if we join a single-player 
world um and we basically just have a look in f5   mode we should be able to see our cape on our back 
so there we are i've just logged into the game and   you can see that i've got this wonderful christmas 
cape on the back of my character like that   um so yeah that's it that's that that's as easy 
as it is to get a cape now if for some reason you   don't see your cape um what i would recommend 
doing is going back and re-watching the video   to see if there's any steps you missed um if 
for some reason you're having difficulties or   anything like that installing the model opening 
anything uh join our discord which will be the   third link down in the description and we'll be 
more than happy to help you get everything set up   so yeah thank you guys for watching this video 
if it's got a cape uh if you've managed to get   your cable successfully make sure you leave 
a like and please don't forget to subscribe   really helps um so yes thank you guys 
for watching see you later and goodbye

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