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Hey there! What's going on guys?! Today I'm sharing with you 10 Trending Minecraft
Skins! These are some of the Top 10 Minecraft Skins
on NameMC.com and PlanetMinecraft. These skins were all found on the Trending
skins page on NameMC and PlanetMinecraft. These are not the top 10 trending skins on
the sites but rather 10 skins that I saw on the trending pages that I wanted to share
with you. I decided this week to add skins from both
sites. I may do that from now on since I use both
sites quite often.

But yeah,
add me as a friend on NameMC… And I hope you enjoy watching this video! *Music* We will start of with a skin, as the skin
creator, of whom I'm not going to attempt to prounounce their name, calls a Strange
Dreams skin. You may find that in this video there will
be multiple times I mention the Urban Legends
skin content on PlanetMinecraft. That's because many of the trending skins
were created to go into that contest. Basically the
contest wanted people to make skins based on like paranormal, mythological, and just
like creature type skins. Ya know, Urban legends.

This skin here, the skin creator says,
represents a trippy dream world. So you may see this type of person, thing,
or creature within a dream world. So, uh, you may actually think that this would
be a skin that could fit into the whole Urban Legends skin contenst thing… but it's actually
not. I mean, it's basically
an inside out Jack-O-Lantern if you really want to look at it like that. Or an inside out smiley face, a creepy smiley
face at that. But yeah, I found this skin as the
number 33 trending skin on NameMC. If you've watched my previous trending skins
videos you've probably just seen random skins like this pop up.

I just always feel the need
to add something like this into the video. Plus it's trending right now so it fits the
theme of the video. It's being used by 94 known profiles so it's
popular. The next skin is the second skin on this video
from NameMC. When I found this skin it was the number 9
trending skin on NameMC. Also, at the time I found it, it had been
used by 128 known profiles on the site. It was found on SenpaiTeddy's profile. So yeah, it is quite popular. As you can see, the skin is an Alex model
skin. I personally
like Alex model skins. I know there's a fair ammount of people who
don't like it and a fair ammount of people who do but I like Alex skins, personally. I mean, I guess
the main thing to mention about this skin is the green hat or hood that the skin has
on featuring that face on it.

Quite ammusing, I'd say. I suppose we have another ammusing skin here. Again, a skin that I found on NameMC, this
skin was used by 23 known profiles and was the number 27 trending skin on the site. It was found on Dekishaa_'s profile. This skin takes a lot of typical things from
skins and adds it into one skin. For example, the suit. How many Minecraft skins have you
seen that have suits? Secondly, of course, the grass and dirt block
texture. There are plenty of people who use Minecraft
texture skins as camoflauge skins.

I actually made
a video featuring camo skins before. Also, the sunglasses. Sunglasses have always been a popular feature
in Minecraft skins. And finally, the mouth. That ever so popular
mouth was added to this skin. We're now back into the Urban Legends Skin
contest with this skin here. This skin was created by Noobator on PlanetMinecraft. I like featuring skins from contests because
they usually have a description that helps the skin have a story around it. This skin creator says that this skin is "a
true horror in any sane pair of eyes." The skin
"represents fear's relentless grip on all that we understand, and how it encompasses
the things we don't." As you can see, the skin takes on a bit of
an odd texture and just an odd design as a whole.

You'll see eyeballs and other different pictures
and design throughout the skin to create a skin named Unwanted Flesh, or Fear. So now with this skin, we're heading in a
completely different direction. The last skin was meant to be a bit scary. It was meant to be a bit odd. It wasn't meant to be
anything normal that you'd expect to see. This skin, well, it's exactly the opposite
of that. This skin was created by Stella and it's simply
called Adidas. Stella said
in the description that this was just a random request and that she's like bored. I don't know, this is a skin that you'd probably
more-so expect to see somebody using in Minecraft.

Especially if they're looking to wear a skin
that looks like them or features clothes that they'd typically wear or whatever. Not quite the same concept as the
previous skin, I'd say. This skin is The Monster Inside. As you can guess, this skin was created fro
the Urban Legends skin content. Created by PlanetMinecraft user Havingfun_ISKEY,
this skin does have story but without readin the story,
I'll tell you what my first thoughts were based off of the name and the skin design. The skin shows a man that is split in two. One side is his typical self. The other side, well, that's the monster inside.

The monster can't make it's way fully out
but it's always within and it does show itself from
time to time. At least, that's how I interpreted the skin. I'll let you read what the skin creator's
story about the skin though. Definitely check it out, it's pretty interesting. With Halloween being today, or tomorrow, not
sure when I'll get this video done but yeah. Anyways, It's Halloween time so there's obviously
been a lot of Halloween skins that are trending. You've seen that in the past few trending
skins videos that I've created. They all have had at least one Halloween skin
featured. This skin was made
for Halloween. It's a Tryrannosaurus rex skin… but it's
totally not un-dead, as the name of the skin says. But yeah, the skin-creator created this skin
for Halloween. Everyone needs their own Halloween skin for
this time of year if you ask me. I mean, I have one on. It's a pumpkin face and it's very adorable
and it's very creative.

Just go a long with it please. Just… Just let me be happy about it. Speaking of Halloween skins, here is an orange
colored skin. Now, I'm not sure if it's meant to be a Halloween
skin but it certainly fits the color of Halloween.. because,
well, orange. This skin was created by Cherriy on PlanetMinecraft
and it actually has two versions because the skin creator loved the hair that was on the
skin. I actually
like the hair too. It's a bit different than, like, usual hair
on skins. So that's just an interesting addition to
the skin. In the 4 days it has been up on PlanetMinecraft,
this skin has already had 412 views and 112 downloads. That's quite a lot of downloads for only 4
days so it's a pretty well-recieved and well-liked skin. To finish off we have a skin that I found
as the number 4 trending skin on NameMC. This skin is an all black skin with rainbow
outlines and highlights or whatever you want to call that. The features of the skin are rainbow like
the eyes and the small design on the body of the skin.

There's not a ton for my to say about the
skin other than I understand why so many people are using it. There are 50 known profiles on NameMC using
this skin and I mean, it's just one of those skins that people like to use. It was
found on Koblax's profile and, well, it's a pretty cool skin. I really like that it has a rainbow theme.

The skin just looks really cool. I really like it. As simple as it is,
it's still fairly creative. So yeah, that's gonna do it for me guys! Thank you all so much for watching! As I've said plenty of times, these skins
were all found on NameMC PlanetMinecraft. I can't say
where the original source for the NameMC skins are because I found them on that site so I'm
not sure if those are the skin creators or not but I'll leave the links to the
skins in the description so you can find the skins both from NameMC and from PlanetMinecraft.

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