The numerator (15) and denominator (25) have a common factor of 5, and with the…

Đang xem: 15 out of 25 as a percentage

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After watching this video lesson, you will be able to convert between percentages, fractions, and decimals easily and quickly. Learn the steps you need to take for each type of conversion.

Circle graphs are some of the most useful graphical descriptions of data around. However, without knowing how to find central angles, their usefulness is limited, and their creation is difficult. In this lesson, we learn how to find central angles while using and creating circle graphs.
After watching this video lesson, you will be able to look at any rational number and compare it with any other rational number. Learn what you need to do so that you know which number is greater or lesser than another.
If we have two items, or two numbers, and we want to compare them, what language can we use? How do we write the comparison? Find out as we learn about ratios and rates in this lesson.
When you go shopping, you don”t want to be surprised by the amount of tax on an item. You also want to fully understand discounts to know how much you can save. In this lesson, we”ll practice calculating both tax and discounts.
Dealing with fractions and decimals is part of our daily lives. It is for this reason everyone needs to understand decimals and fractions. In this lesson, we discuss real world examples of decimals and fractions.
Ratio tables give you practical information that you can use to solve ratio problems. In this lesson, we define ratio tables and work through some practice problems that use them.
After watching this video lesson, you will be able to add and subtract rational numbers like a pro. Learn what is involved in adding and subtracting these types of numbers.

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Have you ever been at a birthday party picking out candies from a mystery box? In this lesson, you will learn what probability is, important vocabulary and written probabilities in number form. That chocolate candy will be yours next time!
Abstract words communicate important thoughts in our speech and writing, but they can be tricky because they have many meanings. This lesson explains the difference between abstract and concrete words and relates how using abstract words carefully allows you to communicate more clearly.
Watch this video lesson to learn how ratios and proportions are related. Also, learn how ratios and proportions are used in real life and how you can apply them to yours.
In this lesson, we”ll be going over the surface area of a cylinder. First, you”ll review the definition of a cylinder and learn how to find its surface area. Then, you can test your new knowledge with a brief quiz.
Learn what it means for a variable to be independent or dependent. Then explore how we identify which variables are independent and which are dependent in word problems and math equations.
After watching this video lesson, you will be able to calculate the percentage increase and decrease of changes that happen over time. You will also learn what you need in order to make your calculations.
You don”t have to the sidewalk or a construction manual to find out about concrete words. Just take a look at this lesson, where you”ll find out what these types of words are and see some helpful examples that you can find all around you!
The order of operations is the steps used to simplify any mathematical expression. In this video, learn how to solve problems using these steps and easy tricks to remember them.
Fractions are not just there to give you a headache. Actually, you probably already use fractions without even knowing it. And without fractions, you wouldn”t be able to tell time or cook with recipes. Learn more in this lesson.
In this lesson, you will learn how to identify whether angles are adjacent. After looking at several examples, you will be able to test your knowledge with a quiz.
Functions can be represented in four different ways. In this lesson, we will learn what a function table is, and how and when to use a function table to represent a function. We will also explore the rules that define a given function table.
We see ratios all around us every day. From the grocery store, to forecasting into the future, to enlarging or shrinking pictures, a command of ratios can be a powerful math tool. In this lesson, learn how to solve word problems with ratios in them.

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A business can sell its products and services to consumers in one city or local area, one country, or around the world. In this lesson, you will learn about local, national, and global businesses.

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