20 Trending Minecraft Skins!

Let's jump into this video by showing 
the first of 20 trending skins.   This is also the first of six skins 
in this video from PlanetMinecraft.   This guy is named Howard. Howard is actually 
a remake of a previous version of the skin.   This skin was created by FishStacks. It has 
294 views and 11 downloads in 2 days on PMC. Now we are looking at the first skin 
in this video that comes from NameMC.   There's seven total skins from NameMC in 
this video. Obviously this is a Mario skin.   A bit of a scuffed Mario.. but still Mario. 
This skin was found on Angolica's profile.   At the time of recording, it can 
be found on 83 total profiles! Now let's check out the first of seven 
skins from The Skindex in today's video.   This is a chocolate Groudon skin! Not sure 
what those two things have in common to be   combined but hey, there it is.

This skin 
was created by intra. In 21 hours on PMC,   this skin has been viewed 595 
times and it has 103 likes! Next up, let's check out the next skin 
from PlanetMinecraft in this video.   This skin is apart of the on-going 
skin fights on PlanetMinecraft.   This skin attack was towards Beyblock 
and it's wearing a Matrix-style coat.   This skin was created by DinowCookie.

6 days, it has 320 views and 53 downloads. Now we are seeing this skin here that I found 
on The Skindex. We've got a creative Among Us   themed skin here. Rather than just being a typical 
Among Us skin, this guy is wearing an Among Us   shirt! In 23 hours, it has 821 views and 
79 likes! It was created by F3d3r4lG4m3r. Let's go ahead and stay on The Skindex for this 
skin here. This one has a mushroom theme to it.   I really like the type of shading on this skin 
and the hue of the skin, I guess.

In total,   this skin has been viewed 2020 times in 19 
hours with 118 likes! It was created by kiyeo. The next skin we are seeing today can be found 
on PlanetMinecraft. This skin was created   for pride month! The skin's shirt 
is based off of the nonbinary flag.   In 5 days, this skin has 325 views and 8 
downloads. It was created by Chabilulu. This next skin comes in from NameMC. Let's go 
ahead and name this skin ourselves and call it   the dark detective! Just seems like a fitting 
name to me with the all black colors and grey   clothes In total, this skin can be found on 125 
NameMC profiles. I found it on Zepxy's profile. Let's head over to PlanetMinecraft 
for this next skin. This girl is named   Frogs and Limes. It's apart of the skin creator's 
skin series which is based off of animals and   another natural thing…

this case frogs and limes!   This skin has been viewed 436 times in 5 days and 
it has 71 downloads. It was created by thebudgie. We are now seeing the next skin in this video 
from NameMC. This is a Steve skin. I don't really   know why it's trending because it's clearly just a 
normal Steve skin with nothing different about it,   right? I found this skin on minepogs' profile. It 
can also be found on 161 total NameMC profiles. Getting into the final 10 skins, we are seeing 
the next one from The Skindex in this video.   This skin here is simply named Japanese Male 

I like the detail of the yin yang symbol   on the shirt. In 4 days, this skin has 20,556 
views with 471 likes! It was created by EggUzi. Now we have a skin that was found on 
PlanetMinecraft! This skin is a Callahan   remake skin. Of course, Callahan 
is a Minecraft content creator.   This skin was created by ElvenJedi. In 4 
days, it has 481 views and 33 downloads! This skin here can be found 
on NameMC.

This skin is a   Patrick skin. Looks like Patrick 
may have gotten a bit of plastic   surgery too because his face is definitely 
looking a bit different here! In total,   this skin can be found in 493 profiles at the time 
of recording! I found it on _EliteInpacts profile. Now let's head over to The Skindex for this 
next skin. This skin here is based off of an   Anonymous hacker.

In fact, the name of the 
skin is Anonymous Reaper Hacker. In 2 days,   this skin has been viewed 5244 times and it 
has 349 likes! It was created by OGBOSS65YT. The next skin we are seeing was found on NameMC. 
I really like the aesthetic of this skin.   That yellow duck type theme of this girl is pretty 
awesome. I especially like the little duck on the   overalls. This skin can be found on AfterChange's 
profile… along with 112 total NameMC profiles! We are getting to the final five 
skins by staying here on NameMC.   This skin is a black and purple gradient 
skin. I really like the look of gradient   skins with it slowly going from one color to the 
other. In this case, black to pruple. This skin   can be found on 116 total profiles.. 
and I found it on Fxctual's profile. Let's go look at The Skindex for this next skin we 
are seeing! This is a Karl Jacobs skin. Of course,   he's in his frog sweater.

Just another 
content creator Remake skin here. In 2 days,   this skin has 7511 views and 713 
likes. It was created by mochhi. We have the final skin from PlanetMinecraft 
in this video as we enter the final three   skins of this video. This another skin 
that was created in PlanetMinecraft's   skinfights! This attack was on Rhines 
and the skin is named Rhinestones. This   skin has 628 views and 92 downloads in 4 
days on the site! It was created by vonk! Next up, we have the final skin we will 
be seeing from NameMC in this video.   This guy has a rabbit mask on.. and I 
really like the small detail of that red   cut or scar looking thing on the mask. 
I found this skin on ZiroMC's profile.   In total, it's being used by 396 
profiles at the time of recording.

Finally, to finish off this video, the final 
skin we are seeing today is from The Skindex.   We are going to end off with one of those 
popular content creator remake skins.   This one is a remake of LDShadowLady's skin!   In 4 days, this skin has 8375 views and 
567 likes. It was also created by mochhi. And there ya have the 20 Trending Minecraft Skins! 
Maybe you found a skin that you may want to use!   Be sure to go check out all the skins and show 
the skin creators some love on the three websites   used! They definitely deserve all the love 
that they get! If you want to help me out,   feel free to leave a like… and if 
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I hope you enjoyed! I'm outta here! See ya!.

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