2Ds Blue Light Turns On Then Off Again After Few Seconds, Nintendo Ds Wont Power On Blue Light Blinks

So last year for christmas i got a 2ds XL as well as 4 games (this was also my only handheld since my 2ds). once i did get a phone i stopped playing it for a couple of months and i did play it a small amount though but i never turned it off, which led to the device turning off because it died. now since i haven”t touched it for weeks after i last played it i had little to no idea why it stopped working. The only thing that might help is that the blue light turns on for a couple of seconds and then it turns off, and when it does there is a click sound that the speakers make. And if you were going to suggest something that includes putting something into the micro sd card, i don”t have an sd card with a built in adapter. Also, safe mode doesn”t work, all it does is keep the blue light on longer, as well as that i have also tried putting on the charger and trying safe mode but that still didn”t work. So if anyone has any information for me i would be very thankful. 


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Posted September 21, 2018

Sounds like either a dead battery or maybe a loose connector inside.

Đang xem: 2ds blue light turns on then off

Goes without saying, but before attempting any personal repairs you should use your warranty if you have any.

Also, I assume it is charging?


But anyways, getting inside the unit to get to the battery and more requires a special screwdriver bit, a tri point (also called triwing sometimes, but that is technically something different) 6mm. Once inside you can check reconnect the battery and just visually inspect some of the connector (I would advise first reseating the battery before touching any of the ribbon cables).

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Lithium ion batteries don”t like to be sitting uncharged for a long time and could die, however that would mean it just would be unresponsive and not turn on at all.

I know DS Lite system have this exact issue you”re describing when one of the two screens are not connected (or broken) since that is basically their way of saying “I dunno what is wrong, but I”m not working so I”ll turn off”.

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Here is a small guide on how to open up a New 2DS XL: 



I don”t really have anything of substance to provide here, just some info on this similar issue with previous Nintendo handhelds..

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