5 Trending Minecraft Skins! (Top Minecraft Skins)

hey there what's going on guys today I'm sharing with you five trending minecraft skins i quickly mentioned in yesterday's video that i'm actually recording these videos a bit earlier than normal so these skins were actually trending on wednesday but close enough i just want to thank you guys for the support on this series it's a bit different than what I've been doing lately so it's cool to see some people enjoying it if you haven't already feel free to subscribe and click the bell so you will be notified when I upload a new videos alright let's get started to start off we have the first skin from name MC in this video there will be three skins from name MC in this one so last week we saw a skin that was fairly similar to this one that one had a crying face this one has some glasses on it the skin can be found on 370 profiles and that includes cragger beers profile account that name wrong almost guaranteed I got that name wrong but yeah this is the number one trending skin over the past week as of recording this video and this type of skin is clearly popular right now next up we have the first skin in this video from planet minecraft since there are three from name MC that means there are two skins from planet minecraft this skin here was posted to the site by PB squid place it was posted 23 hours ago and has been seen 167 times with 34 downloads I just want to say and this may just be coming from me but it seems that every week the girl skins I come across get like better detailed especially with hair just something I picked up on pretty cool to see the next skin we have today is from name MC so yeah there's this one I mean obviously it's got that mr.

T vibe going on there and then the supreme shirt button like a Steve clothing yeah just a goofy skin it's being used by 359 profiles and it was found on Joker a little killer's profile another name I'm getting round I can see why this skin is trending it's just one of those skins that I'm not surprised is trending here we have the final skin in this video from planet minecraft this skin here is a strawberry shortcake themed skin actually there was a pun in the description that says strawberry cuz it's a bare skin with strawberry colors so yeah puns this skin was published on a planet minecraft 22 hours ago and it has 127 views in a 17 it downloads over that time it was created by pallets yeah there you have a strawberry shortcake to finish off the final skin I'm sharing today is of course from name MC so yeah let me know what you think this skin is or if you know let me know what it is so far I've gotten race car driver from a couple of people and astronaut maybe I thought maybe something to do its space I don't know the skin is pretty cool though it's being used by 221 at different people and was the number one trending skin it was found on a late profile yeah it's a pretty cool looking skin and I just kind of want to know what it actually is so there you have five trending minecraft skins which one of these skins was your favorite let me know and let me know why it was your favorite – again I appreciate all the support that you guys are showing on this series I had created a lot of skins videos in the past and I wanted to start it up weekly again with a fresh idea and I didn't expect it to get too much support with the different direction my channel had gone but it's been great so thank you if you haven't already and you was like do you feel free to subscribe and click the bell so you'll always be notified when I upload new videos all right guys that's gonna do it for me thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed I'm out of here see ya [Music]

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