I'm in chat like “Wooo, first iron pickaxe!”, after spending about 5-6 IRL hours on the server.

Đang xem: 7 days to die fastest way to level

Others player are like “I've got all level 400 tools already”.

I dont take them for liars, they seem helpful. I just dont understand how someone could progress so fast.


Digging and killing zombies gives quite a bit of exp. personally I'm making iron tools after 40 mins irl time, they are not if any great quality but I make them. I use an iron shovel and drink coffee or beer to keep my stamina up. If I'm using coffee I also have goldenrod tea on hand to offset the wellness debuf and the thirst debuf. Make sure you are putting points into miner 69er, weapon smithing, and tool smithing. I spend more time underground than I do above ground lol that being said I do go out to the bookstore and gun store lol

can you reliably get iron pipes within 40 minutes? That's usually what holds me back to start forging.

The first thing you do is find a trader and then loot a city and sell everything. This will lvl you up quickly. The goal is to get your Secret Stash and and Quality Joe to 3/3 asap. Once you have them maxed you will be able to buy GREAT items from the trader, and loot great items to sell to the trader to pay for them. You will have purple AKs and Snipers and Military gear in no time.

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You dont worry about crafting shit. Just buy it. You can completely bypass the iron armor/pickaxe stage in the game and jump straight into augers the best gear possible. Then when you do get an auger, start digging. that will lvl you the rest of the way. You should be lvl 200 in about a week.

Im usually set up with a green AK and sniper within a few hours after a fresh start from just using traders.

Agreed. Traders take care of everything for you. Stop hoarding loot and start selling it and you really don't have to worry about making much of anything. Food, high quality armor, weapons and tools can all be picked up very early on from traders.

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As far as leveling up, if digging isn't your style, kill zombies. Once you get some decent armor, a high quality barbed or spiked club and a bit of beer/coffee, find a durable building or make one out of some cobblestone. Put some campfires, torches and forges inside, turn them all on and you'll have screamers heading your way every 2-3 minutes. Go outside and let them scream. It's like a loot/xp delivery service. Not quite as fast as an auger but you can knock out a lot of levels in a day from killing, looting and then selling the loot.

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