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Falling thru the civilization. Is anyone having actually this issue in Multi-player? At times we can go hrs without this problem then it rears it"s ugly head and it happens method also often. Playing on a specialized server from Host Havoc.


You can tell when this is going to take place for the terrain does not draw all in. I have actually checked out this in every version I have played going earlier to 10. I have played in version 10,11,12,14, and currently 17.

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Much even more info would certainly be necessary. Might want to check out the Sticky threads in the General Support section.


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If you are opening the map and also relocating it around, that will certainly reason an error currently and also then. If you get that error the civilization won"t geneprice. Logging out and also ago in fixes it. But not moving the map will assist if that"s what you are doing.


Found that one out and it has actually helped a couple of human being on the server I"m on with falling with the world. Might be what you"re experiencing.


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This bug was represent choose 1 year back, when driving minibike, represent to the point wbelow you were passing undermap each 3min.

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Then, it has actually been corrected fews months later, and also I haven"t checked out this problem happening again.


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I can confirm this is still a concern in the current Alpha 17 develop b208.


My dedicated server utilizes the Navesagane map and also periodically either myself or various other players will literally fall thru the map. This has taken place even inside a POI.


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For me it hasn"t been frequent, however I have fallen through the people on a random produced map on a organized server a number of times. The character will go back to the surconfront in a few secs yet is locked in area till logging out and earlier in.

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Has never been linked through map usage, however has actually constantly been linked with standing still, moving a brief distance, then all of a sudden dropping through the ground or building underfoot.

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