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Some items” or groups” chance to drop changes according to the player”s gamestage. Here you can see those values for any gamestage you want using the little box below. Just type the gamestage you want in the box and press the Apply!-button. The values should change immediately, if the chance is different.

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Placing a bed on the ground will allow you to respawn there when you die. Placing a new bed or picking up the last placed bed will permanently clear all previous respawn points. The bed shows up on your map and compass and prevents zombie spawning near it. Basic Information Removed : }} Group Building Category Placeable Type Furniture Loot Container Gear Slot Covering Attribute Block Properties Hit Points 100 Storage Slots Lockable Horizontal Support Mass 1 Light Opacity Upgrades to Breaks to Weapon/Tool Properties Entity Damage Power Attack Entity Damage Block Damage Power Attack Block Damage Range Effective Range Explosion Range Entities Explosion Range Blocks Attacks per Minute Rounds per Minute Reload Time Ammo Type Magazine Size Stamina Usage Power Attack Stamina Usage Damage Multiplier: Earth Damage Multiplier: Metal Damage Multiplier: Stone Damage Multiplier: Wood Durability (Min Quality) Durability (Max Quality) Degradation per Use Butcher Tool Butcher Damage Multiplier Butcher Resource Multiplier Disassemble Tool Mod Type Compatible Mods Vehicle Properties Vehicle Speed Vehicle Sprint Speed Seats Protection Properties Cold Resist Heat Resist Waterproof Armor Rating Mobility Reduction Stamina Regen Reduction Noise Increase Consumption Effects Effect on Fullness Effect on Hydration Effect on Stamina Effect on Health Effect on Max Health Cures Buff <<>> Buff Chance (%) Buff Effect Dysentery Chance (%) Characteristic Properties Repaired Using Electrical Power Required Unlocks Base Price 1 Max Stack 500 Scrapping/Forging Properties Scrappable Scraps into Meltable No Material Combustible Burn Time 00′ 20″ Farming Properties Crop produced Seed used Time to grow Obtaining Obtainable Through

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1 Description 2 Crafting 2.1 Required Items 3 Notes 4 Video – Bedroll vs Zombie Spawns

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Description < edit | edit source>

The Bedroll is an item that may be crafted using Plant Fibers as shown below or found around the map. A Bedroll makes a single spawn point at the location it was placed at; it will be your only spawn point. After the placement, its location will be highlighted on the map, marked as an icon of a bed. It is also recommended to place a Secure Storage Chest with some basic loot nearby in case you die and lose all the items in your tool bar and/or backpack, depending on the server settings. You can alternatively use the “Spawn near Bedroll” to spawn in a location close to your spawn point (not to be confused with the “Spawn on top of Bedroll” button). Additionally, a placed Bedroll will block zombie spawns in a rectangular area of 31×31 meters from bedrock to sky. This is especially useful to “claim” a prefab so you no longer have to worry about zombies spawning in it while you are away. Though it should be noted that this only works for “your” Bedroll, not just any that exists.

Crafting < edit | edit source>

Required Items < edit | edit source>


10* Plant Fibers Produces
<> }}* <<}}>> <> }}* <<}}>> <> }}* <<>> <> }}* <<>> <> }}* <<>> <> }}* <<>> <> }}* <<>> <> }}* <<>> <> }}* }} | <<}}>>

There are two ways to access the recipe for a sleeping bag from the crafting menu:

Select a stack of Plant Fibers, select “Recipes” in the Examine window, then select “Bedroll” from the list of recipes on the left. Using the search field in the list of recipes, search for “Bedroll.”

Notes < edit | edit source>

Can be found in-game randomly in the world. You cannot actually sleep in the bedroll. The bedroll can be scrapped into Plant Fibers.

Video – Bedroll vs Zombie Spawns < edit | edit source>

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