a dozen a gross and a score limerick

I found this one

ight)}+(5 cdot 11)=9^2+0.$$

Which is :

A dozen, a gross, and a score Plus three times the square root of four Divided by seven Plus five times eleven Is nine squared and not a bit more.

I think this is very entertaining, thus I wonder if there is any similar limerick/wtbblue.com poem.

$egingroup$ That's probably not even right. $endgroup$ – Quinn Culver Jul 27 “14 at 1:10

$egingroup$ There once was a number named e. Who took way too much LSD. She thought she was great. But that fact we debate. We know she wasn't greater than 3. trotterwtbblue.com.net/humor/limricks.html $endgroup$ – Jam Jul 27 “14 at 1:12
$egingroup$ That site also has a good one with an integral that you may like though it's extremely irksome that they've misspelled limericks in the url. $endgroup$ – Jam Jul 27 “14 at 1:20

oliveeuler You should post your comment as an answer. Thanks for the link! $endgroup$ – Viktor Vaughn Jul 27 “14 at 1:21

$egingroup$ Why was this re-opened? $endgroup$ – Brad Jul 27 “14 at 4:26

$$int_1^} t^2wtbblue.comrmtcdotcosleft(frac
ight)=ln(sqrt<3>)$$ $$ ext$$ $$ ext$$ $$ ext$$ $$ ext$$ $$ ext$$

You can find some more here: http://www.trotterwtbblue.com.net/humor/limricks.html

$egingroup$ The link is broken. $endgroup$ – EulerSpoiler Nov 24 “18 at 18:14
$egingroup$ wtbblue.com/questions/1692395/wtbblue.comematical-limerick $endgroup$ – EulerSpoiler Nov 24 “18 at 18:15
$egingroup$ Well I copied it 4 years ago so I'm not surprised. Look it up on archive.org. $endgroup$ – Jam Nov 24 “18 at 18:45

Assuming that Schnaderhuepfel are the (south?) German equivalent of limericks, I offer the following, which I heard from my father (but the misspellings are my own):

Mir fehlt nur ein Hilfssatz,

Dann bin ich ein Gauss.

Đang xem: A dozen a gross and a score limerick

Doch den Hilfssatz, den Hilfssatz,

Den krieg ich nicht raus.

$egingroup$ 'I lack only a helpful set, I am a Gaussian, But the alternative set – the auxiliary set, I war not out.' – the limits of machine translation! $endgroup$ – user117644 Jul 27 “14 at 5:15

$egingroup$ A non-machine translation (not entirely literal and not rhyming): I need only a lemma; then I'm a Gauss. But that lemma, that lemma; I just can't prove it. $endgroup$ – Andreas Blass Jul 27 “14 at 5:20

mistermarko "Kriegen" can mean to get or to obtain. So the last line literally says "I don't get it out." Also, I've never heard of "hilfssatz" (small h) meaning "helpful set"; in fact, since "set" is a noun, any German word meaning "helpful set" should be capitalized. $endgroup$ – Andreas Blass Jul 27 “14 at 5:33

$egingroup$ Is kriegen a colloquial term (Umgangssprache), or is it "Hochdeutsch". (I am not sure whether Hochdeutsch is a correct term, but I guess it is understandable what I mean.) $endgroup$ – Martin Sleziak Jul 27 “14 at 7:06

$egingroup$ By the way, "Satz" is used in wtbblue.comematical German to mean "theorem", so "Hilfssatz" is literally "helping theorem" or, in better English, "auxiliary theorem", i.e., "lemma". $endgroup$ – Andreas Blass Jul 27 “14 at 15:28

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