Goats in Minecraft 21w13a Snapshot: Everything players need to know

Goats have finally been added to the game in Minecraft 21w13a snapshot.

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update is changing the caves and mountains forever. Goats are the third new mob to come to the caves and cliffs update. These passive mobs live in mountain biomes and naturally spawn in groups of two to three. They climb mountains by jumping up to 10 blocks high.

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The design model for goats looks similar to mountain goats found in North America. Mojang is trying to bring in new mobs for new biomes coming in this update. Axolotls and glow squids are more often found in waterlogged caves, whereas goats are limited to mountain biomes.

Goats in Minecraft 21w13a Snapshot: Everything players need to know

Image via Minecraft

How to find goats?

In 21w13a, goats are found in mountain biomes. In the upcoming caves and cliffs update, Mojang is adding five new mountain biomes: Mountain meadows, Mountain Grove, Snowy slopes, Lofty peaks, and Snow-capped peaks.

In future snapshots, goats will spawn in snowy slope biomes only. Right now, Mojang is yet to add new mountain biomes to the java edition.

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How to breed goats?

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Goats are attracted to players holding wheat in their hands. Players can feed wheat to two goats and make them breed. These mobs do not have any special requirement for breeding like pandas in Minecraft.

Upon successful breeding, players will receive one to seven experience points.

What do goats drop?

Image via Minecraft

In 21w13a snapshots, goats do not drop any items after dying. Players can use an empty bucket to get a bucket of milk from them.

In Bedrock Edition, goats drop a goat horn when they ram their head into a solid block. Goat horns are used to create pillager raid sounds. Goats drop one to two raw chicken/cooked chicken on death in Minecraft.

Goats Attacking

Image via Minecraft Wiki

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Goats are passive mobs, but they will attack a mob or player standing still for more than 15 seconds. These mobs charge almost all entities if they don't move.

Goats perform a small charging animation before knocking on a player or mob. It can deal some serious knockback damage and may throw players off the mountain.

They can also miss their targets and hit a solid block instead. In that case, they drop one horn. Like other animals, goats tend to run away when hit by a player. They do not attack back or try to ram the player in Minecraft.

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