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June 21, 2021

16 Best Minecraft Survival Servers.

Minecraft Server List: The 16 best Minecraft Survival Servers and their IP adresses, incl the Hypixel IP, Mineplex IP, Herobrine IP and many more. Since its release, Minecraft is now one of the most popular games in the world. Minecraft has limitless possibilities, and there are many player-created servers available.

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Minecraft Survival Servers.

Survival Mode is Minecraft’s primary game mode, where you will need to gather resources, consume food, battle against enemy mobs and take other steps in order to survive for as long as possible. The various Survival Mode servers available are extremely varied, with some operating using the standard gameplay, while others make use of mods and other tools, in order to implement interesting additional features and mini games, like Hunger Games and SkyBlock.

On top of this, some Survival Mode servers will operate with player vs. player (PvP) enabled, meaning you will not only have to survive against what the game throws at you, but also against other human players. There are so many Minecraft Survical servers, that finding the right one for you can be daunting. This is why we have made a list of the 16 most popular Minecraft Survival servers. In the article below, we take a look at some of the best and most dependable Minecraft Survival servers to turn to.

The Best Minecraft Survival Servers – See the here!

Joining a Minecraft Server.

In the sections below, you will be able to find a list of the best Minecraft servers for survival mode and related mini games. Fortunately, the process for joining one of these servers is relatively simple.

All you need to do is copy the address listed next to ‘IP Address for Server’ for your chosen server, and then start Minecraft. Then, go to the Multiplayer section on the menu, click on the ‘Add Server’ option and paste the address in the box that is labelled ‘Server Address’. Enter a name for the server, click ‘Done’ and you are ready to go.

List of the Best Minecraft Survival Servers.

The following is a list of some of the best and most popular Minecraft servers for Survival Mode:

    • Hypixel
    • MCCentral
    • Mineplex
    • Mineville
    • The Mining Dead
    • JartexNetwork
    • Blockdrop Network
    • MineSuperior
    • WilderCraft
    • Minewind
    • DatBlock
    • CubeCraft
    • HiveMC
    • ExtremeCraft
    • Desteria

Hypixel IP – Server.

Hypixel is a Minecraft server that most players will have come across at some stage and at peak times, it is able to boast in excess of 100,000 players. There is a lot on offer here, regardless of whether you are seeking a single player Survival Mode session, or a more intense PvP experience. Additionally, you will find options like Hunger Games and SkyBlock that will help you keep you entertained. As a result, Hypixel is a popular starting point for players seeking a Minecraft Survival server with plenty of activity and a great range of options.

IP Address for Server: Game Modes Available: Survival, Hunger Games, SkyBlock, Creative, Mini Games Server Location: United States

Hypixel IP Minecraft Server
IP Minecraft Server

MCCentral IP – Server.

A smaller server than Hypixel, MCCentral nevertheless has a comprehensive range of options available, from PvP and faction-focused Survival Mode games, through to Hunger Games, SkyBlock, Capture the Flag and more. An impressive lobby adds to the experience, while if you are seeking a more relaxed time you can use the MCCentral Creative Mode server and enjoy testing your skills. Just be aware that the Creative Mode server does reset once per day.

IP Address for Server: Game Modes Available: Survival, Hunger Games, SkyBlock, Creative, Mini Games Server Location: United States

MCCentral IP Minecraft Server
MCCentral IP Minecraft Server

Mineplex IP – Server.

Mineplex is one of the largest and most busiest Minecraft servers in the world and its popularity has been aided by the huge amount of games that are available for players to join, including classic Survival Mode games. However, the server is also well-known for being the home of the popular Minekart mini game, which is a recreation of the popular Nintendo video game, Mario Kart. With its combination of reliability, unique game types, and classic options, it is not difficult to understand why Mineplex continues to attract so many users every day.

IP Address for Server: Game Modes Available:: Survival, Mini Games Server Location: United States

Mineplex IP Minecraft Server

Mineville IP – Server.

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Another of the most popular Minecraft Survival servers around, Mineville features a decent selection of mini games, with a focus on SkyBlock, Factions and Prison modes, and it is also a great server for PvP battles in general. Aside from this, the Mineville server is also able to offer features and plug-ins like jobs, marriage, ancient trials, coin flips, custom enchantments, the mcMMO mod, and a whole lot more, ensuring there really is something for all kinds of players.

IP Address for Server: Game Modes Available: Survival, SkyBlock, Factions, Prison Server Location: United States

Mineville IP Minecraft Server

The Mining Dead IP – Server.

As the name indicates, this particular server is inspired by post-apocalyptic television series, The Walking Dead, with a clear focus on pure survival mechanics. As a player, you will begin Survival Mode on this server with nothing in your inventory and must navigate the environment, acquiring resources that will help you to fight off the zombie threat. A real thrill for Walking Dead or survival horror fans, this server is still great fun for anyone else too.

IP Address for Server: Game Modes Available: Survival Server Location: United States

The Mining Dead IP Minecraft Server
The Mining Dead IP Minecraft Server

JartexNetwork IP – Server.

The JartexNetwork server is a solid server, offering a wide variety of game types and modes. It also has an active player base, which is growing all the time, helping to make it an increasingly popular option for those who want to step away from some of the bigger and more established servers available. Whether you want to play a classic single player Survival Mode game, or get involved in a faction-based game, you will find options here.

IP Address for Server: Game Modes Available:: Survival, SkyBlock, Bedwars, Factions, Mini Games Server Location: United States

Blockdrop Network IP – Server.

The Blockdrop Network server is an especially good choice if you are looking for a reliable server to play the Bedwars game mode. This is a PvP-focused game mode, where you are tasked with destroying other players’ beds, while protecting your own. In addition, you can also find other game types, including conventional Survival Mode, Creative Mode, and a City Life game mode, which has similarities with The Sims and other life simulators.

IP Address for Server: Game Modes Available:: Bedwars, Survival, Creative, Factions, Mini Games Server Location: United States

MineSuperior IP – Server.

MineSuperior is an excellent choice of Minecraft server for anyone seeking out SkyBlock variations. However, that is far from all the server has to offer and you will be able to find both Survival and Creative modes too. Whether you are looking for faction-based PvP or single player Survival Mode action, there is plenty to keep you busy. All of the different options are clearly laid out and made easily accessible, allowing you to get right to the action.

IP Address for Server: Game Modes Available:: Survival, SkyBlock, Factions, Prison, Creative Server Location: United States

WilderCraft IP – Server.

The WilderCraft server places an emphasis on a few different things: nature and natural landscapes, close collaboration, and a more laid back vibe than many of the other servers on this list. This focus on enjoyment, rather than competitive mayhem, combined with the friendly nature of the community itself, help to make the WilderCraft server an ideal choice for new players, as well as for those who prefer to use Minecraft as a way of relaxing and unwinding.

IP Address for Server: Game Modes Available:: Survival Server Location: United States

Minewind IP – Server.

The Minewind server is notorious in Minecraft Survival circles for its anarchy-based approach. The main focus of this server is carnage, which means fewer rules, no factions and a much more intense gaming experience. The server is likely to be your best option if you are looking for highly competitive Survival Mode gameplay, if you enjoy a real challenge, and if you want to get away from some of the more restrictive, rules-based servers.

IP Address for Server: Game Modes Available:: Survival Server Location: Japan

DatBlock IP – Server.

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DatBlock is an excellent server for players looking for some of the more unique experiences possible through Minecraft’s Survival Mode. In addition to commonly-seen options, such as SkyBlock and Bedwars, this server also offers an option to play on a real Earth map, complete with nations, settlements and geopolitics. Moreover, a Mars map also exists, with players being challenged to do whatever it takes to survive on the Red Planet.

IP Address for Server: Game Modes Available:: Survival, SkyBlock, Bedwars, Mini Games Server Location: United States

CubeCraft IP – Server.

CubeCraft is an active, UK-based server, with a fun selection of games available. Aside from the likes of SkyBlock and Hunger Games, you can also find Archer Assault, Tower Defence and much more. Some of these mini games are made available on a rotational basis, so it is also worth coming back repeatedly for new experiences.

IP Address for Server: Game Modes Available:: SkyBlock, SkyWars, Hunger Games, Mini Games Server Location: United Kingdom

HiveMC IP – Server.

The HiveMC has three separate servers, located in Canada, France and Singapore, meaning it is a good option for anyone living in those countries or the surrounding regions. It may also be one of the very best servers around for sheer range of mini games, with the options including everything from Hunger Games and Bedwars, right through to Cowboys & Indians, SkyGiants and a whole lot more, ensuring there is always a new experience to try out.

IP Address for Server: Game Modes Available:: Survival, Hunger Games, Bedwars, Mini Games Server Location: Canada / France / Singapore IP – Server.

The server is another popular choice for players seeking Minecraft Survival Mode mini games, including SkyBlock, Factions and an extremely popular Bedwars realm. With that being said, the server also caters for those who are looking for a more simple Survival Mode experience too.

IP Address for Server: Game Modes Available:: Survival, SkyBlock, Mini Games Server Location: United States

ExtremeCraft IP – Server.

If you are looking for a good combination of classic game modes, like standard Survival Mode, and some more interesting options, like Hunger Games, the ExtremeCraft server may be the choice for you. The server is very active, making it easy to find other players, and player statistics and leaderboards add a long-term competitive element.

IP Address for Server: Game Modes Available:: Survival, SkyBlock, Hunger Games, Creative, Mini Games Server Location: United States

Desteria IP – Server.

Finally, the Desteria server is well-established as one of the go-to destinations for those seeking Factions gameplay. One of the key features is the use of custom ‘classes’, with players getting to play as a Knight, Assassin, Pirate or Mage, depending on personal preference. Both competitive and casual options are available.

IP Address for Server: Game Modes Available:: Survival, Factions Server Location: United States

Top 100 Minecraft Survival Servers – Complete list:

The best 100 Minecraft Survival Servers and server IP addresses, based on popularity.

  1. MineVille IP:
  2. The Seed IP:
  3. TulipSurvival IP:
  4. MineSuperior IP:
  5. Complex Gaming IP:
  6. PokeSaga IP:
  7. OneBlockMC One Block IP:
  8. Pixelmon Servers IP:
  9. Castaway IP:
  10. Datblock IP:
  11. MineAlong IP:
  12. MineSuperior IP:
  13. Applecraft IP:
  14. Minehut IP:
  15. EarthMC IP:
  16. ManaCube IP:
  17. SmashMC IP:
  18. Vulengate IP:
  19. InvadedLands IP:
  20. IP:
  21. Kingscraft PH IP:
  22. Minecraft Central IP:
  23. Rinaorc IP:
  24. TheArchon IP:
  25. MineBox IP:
  26. The Mining Dead IP:
  27. TopStrix Network IP:
  28. Survive With Us SMP IP:
  29. DestinyMC IP:
  30. Skyblock IP:
  31. Pokecentral IP:
  32. MineLatino IP:
  33. Simple Survival IP:
  34. Snapcraft IP:
  35. IP:
  36. AnubisMC IP:
  37. PocketPixels IP:
  38. The Seed IP:
  39. Bionic PVP Network IP:
  40. FadeCloud IP:
  41. Orchidia IP:
  42. Vanilla Europa IP:
  43. Performium IP:
  44. IP: OmegaCraft IP:
  45. MC PGST IP:
  46. PokeParadise IP:
  47. Lord Of The Craft IP:
  48. Wild Prison IP:
  49. Altitude Community IP:
  50. LegionMC IP:
  51. LemonCloud IP:
  52. Blaze Gaming IP:
  53. Blockstackers IP:
  54. PokeLand IP: wtbblue.comd
  55. TownySMP IP:
  56. Newwind IP:
  57. UVI Craft IP:
  58. SGCraft IP:
  59. Ham5teak IP:
  60. Volatik Network IP:
  61. BumbleCraft IP:
  62. TreeMC IP:
  63. Eternia IP:
  64. Armageddon Server IP:
  65. Cultivate Farming IP:
  66. SwanCraft IP:
  67. SalooN Network IP:
  68. BreakdownCraft IP:
  69. MineHeroes IP:
  70. VentureLand RPG IP:
  71. SkyBlock Network IP:
  72. TerraeMC IP:
  73. Safe Survival IP:
  74. Legends Evolved IP:
  75. VanillaHub IP:
  76. FlightSMP IP:
  77. Atlantix World IP: wtbblue.comd
  78. Hallowed Fantasy IP:
  79. The Witch Chest IP:
  80. The Cavern IP:
  81. – Gaming Without Limits IP:
  82. Immortal Realms Survival IP:
  83. Mineverso IP:
  84. LuthCraft NetWork 1.8 1.16.5 IP:
  85. Oceania Craft IP:
  86. Melon Realms IP:
  87. ExtremeCraft IP:
  88. RC-Gamers IP:
  89. KiloCraft IP:
  90. Mr. RandomUniverse IP:
  91. Pixelmon To Go l Reforged 8.1.2 IP:
  92. CCNet | Towny | Movecraft IP:
  93. BVR Pixelmon IP: wtbblue.comne
  94. TheNodeMC IP:
  95. Hero Mines IP:
  96. DemocracyCraft (1.16) City RP IP:
  97. INMC IP:
  98. SkyPinas Network IP:
  100. SaucerLandia NETWORK IP:

Have we forgotten any servers? Add your favorite Minecraft Survival server in the comment section.

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