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Axolotls are among the newest additions to Minecraft. Since its launch in the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update, axolotls have become one of the most loved mobs in Minecraft.

Mojang has added a new pet-type mob in Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update. Axolotls are the first amphibian mob added in Minecraft. Many players would agree that the cutest mob is the axolotl. Due to their adorable looks, many fans are trying to collect them.

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Like wolves, axolotls can be also be used to attack mobs. However, they will only attack aquatic mobs, other than turtles and dolphins. Axolotls come in more than one variety. This article guides players on how to get all colours of axolotls in Minecraft,

Obtain all colours of axolotls in Minecraft

Varieties of axolotls

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Axolotls are among those mobs that come in different varieties. Players can obtain five types of axolotls in Minecraft. Out of these five, only four axolotls can spawn naturally. Players can find the following axolotls in their worlds:

  1. Leucistic (Pink)
  2. Wild (Brown)
  3. Gold (Yellow)
  4. Cyan

There is one more axolotl type available in Minecraft: blue axolotls. Players can get blue axolotls only by breeding two axolotls. When two axolotls are bred, there is a 0.00083% chance to get blue axolotls.

Where to find axolotls in Minecraft?

Axolotl (Image via Mojang)

Even though these mobs are amphibian, axolotls will spawn only below Y level 63 in water in dark areas. Players will usually find axolotls killing innocent glow squids in ocean ravines and waterlogged caves.

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Rather than searching for axolotls, players can build a spawning room. Players can make a room below Y level 63 and fill it with water. Then, go far from the room and wait for axolotls to spawn. This way, players can get all natural spawning axolotls.

Breeding axolotls

To breed axolotls, players will need buckets of tropical fish. Tropical fish can be found in warm and lukewarm oceans. Like axolotls, players will have to pick them in buckets and then feed them to axolotls. According to statistics, players will have to breed axolotls 1200 times to get one rare blue axolotls.

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