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Mojang released Minecraft 1.17.1 version to fix various bugs and issues in part one of Caves and Cliffs. When creating a new world, players can enter a seed to get any desired structure, biomes or even ores at spawn or any other specific location. A custom seed with valuable structures like villages at spawn is best-suited for survival worlds.

This article shares some useful seeds for Minecraft 1.17.1.

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Top Minecraft seeds for 1.17.1 version

10) Suspicious lake (Seed: -745884499)

Sus lake (Image via u/Cool_guy_149 on Reddit)

In this Bedrock Edition seed, players can find a “suspicious” lake at coordinates X: 1161, Z: 84. Among Us players will instantly understand this seed is called suspicious. Jokes aside, this seed is suitable for a survival world too. Players can find a village close to this lake with plenty of food and chests.

9) Massive ocean with scattered islands (Seed: -3389627839631903020)

Too many islands (Image via Seed map)

This Java Edition seed features hundreds of scattered islands at spawn. Players will spawn near a village generated on an island. From here, players can begin their journey to other islands.

These islands are surrounded by all varieties of biomes such as savannas, deserts and badlands.

8) Village with two blacksmiths (Seed: -2479804741729234404)

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Blacksmith houses are home to some of the best loot in Minecraft. Players can find items like diamonds, obsidian and iron tools. In this Java Edition seed, players spawn near a village with two blacksmiths. One of their chests has four diamonds and a saddle.

7) Village stuck between outposts (Seed: 879362678437589282)

Village surrounded by pillagers (Image via Seed map)

This Java seed features a plain village stuck in an unfortunate situation. Five pillager outposts have surrounded poor villagers. Players can take up the challenge to protect villagers from pillagers or exploit them to make a raid farm.

6) Oasis (Seed: 979801021)

Natural oasis (Image via u/Killstepz on Reddit)

In this Java seed, players will spawn in a jungle biome generated in the middle of a massive desert. It looks like a natural oasis in Minecraft. In this desert, players can find three pyramids, which means 12 loot chests.

5) Most religious village (Seed: 1858788529)

Religious village (Image via u/Weary_Habit3677 on Reddit)

Bedrock Edition is famous for having some of the most broken Minecraft seeds. In this seed, players can find four churches in one single village at X=1044 and Z=-305. It is arguably the most religious village players have ever seen.

4) Beautiful snowy village (Seed: 3303180)

Beautiful world generation (Image via u/_Barry123 on Reddit)

In this Java seed, players can find Minecraft's awe-striking world generation. A tundra village is generated surrounded by beautiful ice spikes and mesa biomes. Other than the scenic beauty, this seed also features a desert pyramid and two villages at spawn.

3) Spawn on mushroom fields (Seed: -6253203674947997790)

Mushroom fields (Image via u/ILoveSpongebob3000 on Reddit)

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Mushroom fields are among the rarest biomes in Minecraft. This java seed features rare mushroom fields right at the spawn. Players can live peacefully on this island without worrying about any mobs. Mooshrooms found on these islands are an excellent source of food.

2) A village, pyramids, and stunning savanna (Seed: 3914312720930302196)

Stunning savanna (Image via u/feralmark on Reddit)

This Java seed features one village and two desert pyramids right at the spawn. After looting these structures, players can head towards the beautifully shattered savanna to build a base or just admire Minecraft's natural terrain generation.

1) Scenic plains village (Seed: 8239420)

Plain village near corals (Image via u/ricecake1111113 on Reddit)

In this Minecraft Bedrock seed, players can find two plain villages generated beautifully near oceans. The first village has coral reefs while the second village is on the edge of mushroom fields, badlands and ocean, giving it an admirable landscape.

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