World of Warcraft takes location in a fantasy world filled through fae creatures, wise beasts, dwarves, orcs, trolls, elves ... even more elves, and also still more elves. Azeroth’s cup runs over through elves. Tbelow are the Night Elves, Nightborne, Highborne, High Elves, Blood Elves, San’layn (they’re vampires), spider elves, Void Elves, and also a couple of half-elves. Elves in the Warcraft establishing are prefer tofu — use a new sort of magic to them, and also they’re all of a sudden a whole brand-new species from soaking those vibes up.

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But fans have actually been mad about one particular elf instance for 13 years, ever considering that the launch of World of Warcraft’s initially expansion, The Burning Crusade. Thirteenager years is a long time to be angry around an elf, but the rage lastly reached a fever before pitch in the time of Battle for Azeroth. Now, Blizzard is taking a bold brand-new stance: Fuck it, High Elves for everybody.

But some fans still desire more.

Meet the High Elves

The High Elves are fair, pale-skinned, blue-eyed archers and mperiods right from the pages of Tolkien, and also they have actually a storied background in the Warcraft franchise. They first appeared in Warcraft 2, consisting of the hero unit Alleria Windrunner. To old-institution fans, they’re an iconic part of the Alliance, choose orcs in the Horde.

But in Warcraft 3, the High Elves got genocided by among the game’s biggest villains, Arthas actually, on his search to end up being the Lich King. The survivors dubbed themselves the “Blood Elves,” and in the MMO, they joined the Horde rather of the Alliance. These Blood Elves were mad at the Alliance, cool through their Forsaken neighbors in the Horde, and also sort of evil.

The Blood Elves began kidnapping demigods and also draining their force for goth paladins. They additionally acquired addicted to spooky fel magic, and also brought out the open brainwashing of protestors in the roads of their city, Silvermoon.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment High Elves, by comparison, were a tiny force that struggled to survive in the Alliance. Their numbers were also tiny to ever be a playable race — aacquire, bereason they gained all but wiped out in Warcraft 3, and the survivors joined the Horde and also sucked up fel magic.

The decision to take Silvermoon out of the Alliance was controversial at the moment, but it gave the Horde an attractive race. Because then, the Blood Elves have repeatedly been the the majority of renowned race on Horde. The stamina of their race-particular abilities is partially why guilds completing for World First would regularly pick the Horde in the years to come.

The Blood Elves also offered up their evil means at the finish of the Sunwell rassist, pledged themselves to be the excellent males, and also even negotiated to rejoin the Alliance in the time of Mists of Pandaria for a brief time. But Blizzard continued to be clear: There would never before be High Elves on the Alliance.

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And then Blizzard introduced the Void Elves, and every little thing visited shit.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Everyone acquired mad again

To many kind of players, Void Elves were the pinnacle of “Mom, can we get McDonald’s?” “No, we have actually McDonald’s at residence.” They were introduced as among the earliest Allied races, throughout the bridge in between Legion and also Battle for Azeroth.

During Legion, the previously mentioned Alleria Windrunner proved up after being recorded in a spacetime rift for 10,000 years, battling demons and also learning the shadow arts. She ended up absorbing a creature of pure darkness, which infsupplied her through space shadow powers and the burden of constantly listening to the whispers of the Void.

When a tiny faction of Void Elves were exiled from Shadowmoon for dabbling in Void Magic, Alleria hunted them dvery own. The player joined them, and unlocked Void Elves. They’re just choose Blood Elves, however via various stages of purple and blue. They likewise have sharp English accents and tentacles.

This raises the majority of questions! Why are there enough Void Elves, however not High Elves? The unlock scenario provides it look prefer tright here are, choose, 30 of them complete. Why are we OK via them, when they openly worship the shadows and also have glowing tentacles on their person? Why can’t we just have High Elves?

Well, Blizzard has ultimately offered every player High Elves via the character customization alternatives included for Shadowlands. Void Elves can have actually Blood Elf skin colors rather of purples and grays, and blue eyes! Blood Elves can have actually blue eyes! Everyone gets High Elves ... kind of. Mechanically, they’re still Void Elves and also Blood Elves, but players have actually the devices to play pretfinish.

But this readjust hasn’t been enough to sate player needs. Now, players desire Blood Elf hairstyles on Void Elves. They desire the High Elf tattoos from Warcraft 2. And brand-new voices!

It’s a reminder that as a lot as things adjust in World of Warcraft, some points will certainly constantly remajor the exact same. Thirteen years later on, High Elves are still among the best controversies. Blizzard mainly resolved it ... but players still desire even more, hoping that this latest gesture is just the start of an overhaul that will certainly finally offer them High Elves.

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And once that’s done, civilization will no doubt start to ask for San’layn, Naga, and undead elves. Azeroth is rich via elves, and also everyone desires a piece.

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