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250+ Good, Cool, OG Minecraft names, Minecraft Dog names and Minecraft World names‍

Looking for the best Minecraft names to impress your friends? Here’s a list of good, cool, OG Minecraft names, Minecraft dog names and Minecraft World names.

Minecraft is a 3D sandbox construction video game that was first released in 2011 by Mojang Studios. It comes with several different game modes – Creative, Survival, Hardcore, Adventure, Spectator, and Demo; each providing a different experience to the players. Depending on the game mode, players can either fight mobs or compete with other players in the same world. Players can also modify and create their own 3D worlds with unique gameplay, mechanics, items, and assets. In survival mode, players have to undertake activities like planning, exploring, resource gathering, health maintenance and combat, to create better survival odds.

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Minecraft has a massive user base with over 100 million active players. This makes it extremely difficult to choose a unique username that's not already been taken. It's important to choose a cool Minecraft name to form a good impression on other players. If you are finding it difficult to come up with good Minecraft names, we are here to help you. Here is a guide to help you choose the best Minecraft names that are sure to impress.



  1. How to come up with good Minecraft names?
  2. Practices to avoid while choosing your Minecraft name
  3. Minecraft username requirements
  4. How to check if a Minecraft name is available?
  5. Good Minecraft names
  6. Cool Minecraft names
  7. OG Minecraft names
  8. Minecraft dog names
  9. Minecraft World names
  10. Username for girls
  11. Username for boys

How to come up with good Minecraft names?

Coming up with your own list of Minecraft names can be a really fun activity. All you have to do is follow our guide and you'll be able to choose the best Minecraft names in minutes.

Get Inspired! – A lot of gamers on the platform are really creative with their username choices. You can list down the cool Minecraft names that you love and try to come up with something similar. Add Adjectives – Adding adjectives to commonly used nouns is the best recipe to create funny two-word usernames for your account. For example, ‘LazyPotato', ‘StylishSneakers', ‘BushySpiders' can be some funny-sounding names you can choose from. Add pop culture references – You can base your Minecraft names on movies, TV shows, cartoons, or even other game characters. Recycle Usernames – You can use the same username that you have on other gaming platforms. Your friends can find you easily while playing in multiplayer mode. Use Generators – You can use Minecraft name generators to come up with cool Minecraft names without much effort from your end.

Practices to avoid while choosing your Minecraft username

There are a few things you must avoid while choosing good Minecraft names. Here's a list for you:

Avoid using complicated, password-type usernames like ‘3po978ghst'. Names like these are not very memorable. Make sure your name or at least parts of it mean something. Avoid using ‘Number only' names. Try to use a combination of both alphabets and numbers while creating your username. Avoid copying any famous player's username. The practice of using variations of usernames from famous players is quite annoying to other players. So it's better to avoid it.

Minecraft username requirements

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Before you settle on a final Minecraft username you need to make sure it meets certain requirements.

The username should be between 3 to 16 characters. You can include both upper and lower case characters from A to Z. You are also allowed to use numbers from 0 to 9 Among the special characters, you can only include underscore ‘_'.

Players must note that you can only change your username every month. If you wish to go back to your previous username, you can do it within one week after the change.

How to check if a Minecraft name is available?

There are a couple of methods you can use to check if a Minecraft name is already taken.

The first option would be to simply insert the name in Minecraft and check if it accepts it. The first option might prove annoying for many users. In that case, you can use an online tool that checks the history of any username and provides you with accurate information. One of the popular sites used by Minecraft players is NameMC.

Now that you have all the information to choose a good Minecraft name for your account, you can either come up with an original name or choose from the list of good Minecraft names, cool Minecraft names, OG Minecraft names, Minecraft dog names, Minecraft World names, username for girls and username for boys, that we have provided below.

Good Minecraft names

Good Minecraft names are hard to find. But worry not we have done the work for you. Here is a list of good Minecraft names for you to use,

GuerillaPriest DrOpShOtZ IAmAGhoul ExploiveTaskes CarnalRisktakers DogeCo DiscoStreamers 99VenomArts DarkCrimson Aldebaran GoldenRains DeAtHiNcOgNiTo FurryFlux Kronik TomohaHashi Semtex AvengingGhost Vapourzzz CorruptedNight DeadPool GammaNine VirulentMinecrafter HeadShotz Captain_Armada Draconian NascentDon MirrorStork NadadaPa Gladrags RapidoFiro N30Shoo735 AdmiralSolo FrostBite LukerNorm Listlessness NaDeZz LousyScouts MockArmy Shockerzz Decoiled

Cool Minecraft names

Everybody wants to look cool when playing in multiplayer mode with their friends. You’ll definitely need a list of cool Minecraft names. Here’s the list of cool Minecraft names.

707Mirrorball LittleMinions Dandolion FaTaLsToRm LesMis597 Back2hell Ninjamonk LudwigBagman FrOstyOdyesseus HighTurtles CooLDOOD Leximin ChoroMax MaZeRuNnEr EatBullets NoMenAlive Abrakadabra TerrorZealot ComfyVibes RebelBlades Stabber littlemini FinestGold Crushed90 sOdA Niffler Chewy ToxicHuman Chihuahua Lestminster Shaymin twinforce TwistedMinds Forge_the_Dragon ForgetheSword Offended_Cauldrons MiamiHeights Functionally_depressed MimsaRose FunkyMelon

OG Minecraft names

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Here’s the list of OG Minecraft names that’s sure to impress your fellow players.

PixelWarrioes Hero_is_born FinickyFishman Kira_Smokelord TrackerMan HeroBrine 0Inferno0 11Buckman11 Magikarp Mighty_Charizard CuteEevee LarryBagpipe Grumpy_Snorlax Herbert_the_Ghost Karan_Hairflip Amniacx EVANandEVE KidcrafteR Dejectedcushions Charmander Ditto99 Depotski TwitlingTattles WandaUNITED VivalaQuicka SlayerzzZ SimonSaya009 ExoPlanetiers FriedBeez DemonFire Lendmethesword BrokemyLeg Exoticitus HitterPitter NonCommital LenyPen Obliterator Loverzzzz ReDhEaD bOOsFirE

Minecraft Dog names

Looking for cute names to name your dog in Minecraft. Here’s a list of Minecraft dog names that you can choose from.

FLUFFBALL Chihooo LunaGold Svenny Snow Dexter Miloo Mini Oreo COco Rover Sammy Jelly Dunder CleoNeo Sandy Wolfie Jynxy Bones Lady Nymeria Athena Dasher Chase Rogue Whitter Panda PixelDog Paws Jeb Bella Lucy Flash Melon Bailey Max Buddy Stormy Sparks Tiger

Minecraft World names

After building your Minecraft world in the creative mode you’ll surely be looking for a great Minecraft World name. Worry not, cause we are here to help. Here’s a list of Minecraft World names for you to pick and choose from.

FunFair Utopia 2.0 LittleHammockTown CorruptedLands FruitLand Metropolis 3DHeaven DiamondWorld WorldWonders SquareVilla FrozenParadise PixelNarnia TheMagicalWorld CowboyTown SweetsHaven LudoStareHouse Survival Lands After World Arendella Concrete Homes LittleLands Hobbit Hamlet FireFly Jungles Deadly Realm Phantom Shores Infernal Lands BlackShadows Gloomy Valley Comic Starship Enigma Domain Prime Territory New Civilizations Place for Geeks Subterraneans Gassy Islands Yo-Yo Valleys Ureka Universe Land of Tranquility Inferno Land Raging Trees

Usernames for Girls

Here’s a list of great Usernames for girls that you can use on Minecraft.

Dragonia BlockBallerina Vaporitza SinisterAlaska MightyJannah GirlinBlue DragonWielder PradaQueen LouisVuittons Starlet_Sandcastle BrownBlockers Pixellets QueenofJakku MinerPrincess KillerBabe KiwiGreenJuice FantaStars MissTumblina RavenLocks GucciGirlGang SilkyPanacota CookiesandCream DoraTheExplorer SkinnyJeans CitrusCactus

Usernames for Boys

Here’s a list of great usernames for boys that you can use on Minecraft

Wolf_Miner Talisman BroBlox MonoPixellete Game_Junkie ChromeBlokes FireyLads IamStan Men_at_)work FlourineFarmers BeachbOYS NOhOMIES PowerWalkers Paganthekid KidCudiStan PrestigeMale WannaBuildHomes DraftCrAFTER MegamindGamers BigBrainEnergy Bumberphilers GoldMiners bOISwILLbEBois Unstoppables99 ParagonCrafter

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