Are We Rushing In Or Are We Going Sneaky Peaky Like? Counter Strike Global Offensive

Simple question: when the British SAS emote in Counter-Stike : Global Offensive, what do they say?

“Are we rushing in, or are we going sneaky-____ like?”

Is it sneaky-deaky, sneaky-beaky, or sneaky-peaky?

I”ve found multiple unreliable sources that claim to know the answer, but I am skeptical, especially since the sources do not agree with each other. The SAS wiki, editable by the community, is not a reliable source in my mind (, and neither is Urban Dictionary (

Đang xem: Are we rushing in or are we going

What do you guys think?

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The accent makes it difficult to determine what”s being said without having the actual voice actor on hand. However, using Google we can determine what the correct phrase is (and therefore, what he most-likely meant to say).

Google gives the following estimated result-sizes when searching for these phrases (in quotes):

sneaky peeky: 85,000sneaky peaky: 50,900sneaky beeky: 12,200sneaky deaky: 5,900sneaky deeky: 1,090sneaky beaky: 463

Additionally, google n-gram shows that only one of these phrases is used in real literature (or at least, the literature they have indexed):


Therefore, it”s easy to conclude that the correct phrase is “sneaky peeky”.

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People have pointed out that there”s now a CS:GO sticker with the phrase “sneaky beaky” on it.

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According to the author of that sticker, it”s supposed to be a joke:

Haha, it”s “sneaky peaky/peeky”. <..> This is just a play on words, because a) it”s really hard to tell what the hell they”re saying in game; b) chickens are a huge part of cs and c) chickens are sneaky, and they have beaks… sneaky beaky. Yeeea.

However, because of that sticker, “sneaky beaky” appears to be becoming an “acceptable” alternative to “sneaky peeky”. Google”s estimated result size for “sneaky beaky” has gone up from 463 (Feb 2014) to 101,000 (April 2015)!

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