Ask Mojang #15: Mobs

Hey everyone! Thanks for sending us your questions, we're here to answer them today in Ask Mojang! Our first question comes from @boffyyyy, they ask: Can you just delete phantoms? No one has ever seen a phantom and been like: "Oh boy, I sure am glas this thing is here". Well, I'm inclined to agree with you there, I tend to hide out at night, I'm not really one for the hostile mobs so I agree, I would not like something floating around and stalking me from the skies. I must be alone, I kind of like phantoms, I think they are cool and they are fun target practice and I like tricking them to fly into my house so I can get them while they're stuck in my roof. Hostile mobs are just criminally misunderstood. Next question is from @darumemay who says: With all the different types of cats, will there be different types of dogs? Could work how cats used to with ocelots, or just find them.

Either that or tame-able bats? I love the little guys. Yes, yes, yes please! I have two huskies and I would just love to have them in the game! I actually did a game jam where I just added them with resource packs.
Dogs are just so cute! Yeah I could so picture myself with a bat on a leash. That would be awesome. I would love to add pugs to the game probably will never happen, I don't know what kind of purpose they would serve but they would just follow you around, maybe sleep on your bed, share some snacks. And we'd have to code them better so they don't keep getting lost.

There's always another bug to fix with pets for some reason. @aksuallie asks: Are Endermen fluffy? I need to know, please! I don't know, what do you think? I don't imagine them being fluffy to be honest. More like, I don't know, stone? Cold? I don't know. Fluffy feels too inviting. I'm just trying to imagine how you would catch one to hug it. I like to imagine that the Endermen feels like its personality so it's like briskly and prickly? And also kind of itchy. I think of it as slimy or kind of steely cold, slimy, slippery somehow, I don't think I would want to hug it honestly.

I think it's like a puppy that took a bath in a swamp. So the next question is from @caique_duart3: Taking advantage of upgrading the caves, is it possible to add new behaviors for spiders? It'd be interesting if they could walk on the walls and ceiling of the caves and throw themselves at the player or even throw webs, as in Minecraft Dungeons! I can't imagine just a spider throwing itself at me, no, that's just too scary, no. And if we did anything like this, it would have to be in an arachnophobia mode where the spiders would become pink and cuddly. I would just not go in the caves. I've had people tweet pictures at me saying: "Hey, here's a more realistic spider, what do you think?" and I'm like: "Aaah!", not sure if I should block them or just ask politely not to send those pictures to me.

@steamerski asks: Hello! Why are the Endermen's eyes purple? And was it a different color before, or do you plan to change it? I've put a lot of thought into this question and I have some speculation. Oh boy. So, my first hypothesis is that the Endermen's eyes are from the fourth dimension and we can only interpret them as purple. The second hypothesis is that Endermen just really love Prince's "Purple Rain". And the third is that the Endermen is just a really big fan of Taiga fashion. Wow. It's a very well thought out answer. Our next question comes from @ateeb24919471, they ask: Hmm, what are the most dangerous, most easy or most annoying mobs in your opinion? And this is open to anyone's opinion. Hardest, I would say the wither. I don't know just like making everything explode, it's just so scary and hard. Yeah, I need someday to learn how to beat the wither it's embarrassing, even my youngest kids they just shame me when they run off the wither. I have to say, I personally like the easiest mobs which are pigs and cows and rabbits and the ones that live passively and are there if I need protein or buddys.

Rabbits are just going to run away from you though, aren't they? Yeah, but I'm pretty good with the bow and arrow. Silverfish I guess are the ones I find the most annoying because you don't expect it, you're mining and then suddenly you're cornered by all these little things and when you kill them, more of them appear and then you're dead and then like "what just happened?". For me annoying would have to be the baby jockey like it's just so fast it's hard to escape. Alright, we have a question from @chimesvc: The warden and the axolotl seem to have a lot of similarities, including an inversed color swap. What's an inversed color swap? I don't know. Are they by any chance cousins? Is the question. Maybe they descended from the same cave dweller millions of years ago or something like that? It would have to be far back. Yeah I mean I guess they both like to… fight? Maybe they have that similarity? I don't see a lot of similarities between them.

I think you mean misunderstood! Misunderstood, yes! You're such a hostile mob advocate, Kasia. Maybe that's what they have in common, are axolotls also misunderstood? I think most mobs in Minecraft are misunderstood, including the player. That's all the questions we have time for today, thanks for joining us on Ask Mojang. Don't forget to subscribe for our future episodes. Bye!.

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