How To Assign Followers To Buildings Wow Garrison Followers, Picking And Dispatching Followers On Missions

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Of course, you can’t be expected to stick around your garrison all day, doing all the work… you’re a hero! You have Things To Do! The simple solution? Why, you do what every good leader does: you recruit lackeys!

As you quest throughout Draenor, you will come across followers. Some might be folks you rescued from certain death, others might be unlocked by completing a quest or mission.

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Some are unique – named individuals with specific skills or abilities – and some are generic.

These followers hang around your garrison until you give them work to do – either send them on missions, or put them to work in your buildings.


Each of your followers has a character level, an item level and, if you are lucky, a bonus proficiency rating that can impact performance of the jobs you assign them.

A follower with a +1 in herbalism can gather extra herbs per hour for example. Not all followers are created equally.

There are common, uncommon, rare and even epic followers and their rarity directly impacts the number of bonus traits they have available.

Followers come with abilities and traits. Abilities are to used to counter enemy threats in garrison missions and traits give followers different bonuses or special counters for missions or allows them to be assigned into a level 2 garrison building. Every follower will have at least one ability and one trait. The quality of a follower defines how many abilities and traits it is possible for the follower to have:

Uncommon 1 ability, 1 trait
Rare 1 ability, 2 traits
Epic 2 abilities, 3 traits

Followers give bonus to your profession buildings

You need a level 2 building to assign a follower to your buildings

Herbalism – You can speak to your follower to select which herbs to grow every day instead of growing random herbs.

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Skinning – Couldn”t test it. I will update this later.

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Recruiting followers

Running a successful garrison requires help so you need to recruit followers and thankfully there are several ways you can accomplish this. Some followers will find you if you build an Inn for your garrison, more if the Inn is upgraded, and some followers will become available by completing quests or by paying mercenaries.

Work Work..

There is a lot to do in your Garrison and your followers can’t be everywhere at the same time. If you send them away on a dungeon crawl they won’t be available to tend to your mining duties and vice versa, you need to manage their time. If you are offline when they return from a mission they will go back to work where they are assigned until you give them additional orders.

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Leveling followers and equipping them with gear

Followers, like players, start out at level 90 and need to be leveled up to level 100 to become better at what they do. Followers gain experience by completing missions, more difficult missions yields more experience. Like players they will also need to be equipped although, as of pre-beta, they will not wear the same armor that players do. Instead they will wear follower only armor which can be purchased with a new Garrison currency, more details have yet to be released on the new currency.

Follower for the Alchemy

Follower for the Blacksmithing

Follower for the Enchanting

Follower for the Engineering

Follower for the Herbalism

Follower for the Inscription

Follower for the Jewelcrafting

Follower for the Leatherworking

Follower for the Mining

Follower for the Skinning

Follower for the Tailoring

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