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On Aternos you can share your server with your friends without giving them direct access to your account. This feature is called “Access”, you can find it in the panel in the server navigation:

Grant a friend access to your server

Enter your friend's Aternos username into the text box on the access settings page and click the plus sign.

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You'll see a list of permissions which you can grant individually to each friend.


Here is an overview of all available permissions and what they allow your friend to do:

  • Start: start the server
  • Stop/Restart: stop or restart the server 1)
  • Console: access the console and execute commands in it
  • Log: view and share the log
  • Options: change the server options
  • Reinstall: reinstall the server 2)
  • Domains: add or remove domains
  • Software: switch the software 3)
  • Players: manage the white- and op-list
  • Files: browsing files, adding/editing/deleting files, deleting plugins/mods
  • Plugins/Mods: access to addon browser and installing new plugins or mods
  • Worlds: download/upload worlds, delete/regenerate worlds
  • Backups: view backups, change automatic backup settings, create/restore backups 4)
  • Share access: use the access page to add/remove/change permissions 5)

Please be aware that changes made to your server by your friends are irreversible. There is no further system to protect your server. For instance: If your friend reinstalls your server and deletes all backups there is no way to recover anything of your server.

Therefore, only add friends you trust.

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After you've configured all the permissions for your friend click the save button. Your friend has now access to your server.

Revoke access to your server

Go to the servers access settings page. Click the red trash bin icon next to your friend's username. The username of your friend will now vanish and he/she won't be able to access your server anymore.


Access your friend's server

After your friend granted you access to his server you can access that server through the “Servers” page at the top right of the panel:


You can switch to your friend's server by clicking on the server in the server list.


You can return to your own server on the “Servers” page.

Remove a shared server

If you want to remove a shared server, you can delete it on the “Servers” page by clicking on the edit icon.

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You can then remove a server by clicking on the red X next to the server.


Notes on permissions:

1) Start permission is required to access the server page and therefore to Stop/Restart the server

2) Options permission is required to access the options page and therefore to reinstall the server

3) Your friend can switch to any software. Some types of software require to reinstall the server. Your friend will be able to reinstall the server by switching the software even without the reinstall permission

4) Connecting the backups to a Google Drive account is still only possible by the account owner. People with the backups permission are not able to connect them to their google drive account

5) This permission also allows your friend to edit their own permission, which basically gives them all permissions. This is why it automatically enables all permissions when you toggle this permission.

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