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November 04, 2021 Update: Players with MMR or ranks below 800 will no longer receive SLP from adventure and arena.

August 09, 2021: Axie Infinity devs just updated the earning mechanism in their game. You can now only earn 75 total of SLPs per day instead of 150. Take note that this does not include the SLP you can earn from the arena mode. So this means you can still earn more than 75 SLP per day.

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They adjusted the SLP you can get from Adventure mode from 100 down to 50. And the daily quest reward from 50 down to 25. The reason behind here is to balance the oversupply of SLP being farmed.

They also updated the SLP you get from arena matches, but the SLP you get from adventure mode remains the same.

Adv Ruin SLP Rewards Chart:

Adv Ruin EXP Rewards Chart

Here’s the ruin level and experience table. This is important so you know which ruin level you need to play on to make your Axies level up faster.

How to Earn more than 75 SLP per day

You can still earn more than 75 SLP per day if you win matches in the arena mode. What you can do is spend 10 energies in the adventure mode and 10 energies in the arena mode. That way your axies can still gain EXP in the adventure mode and level up.

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Let’s say you can win 5 out of 10 matches in the arena mode and you get 6 SLP per win, that’s 30 SLP. Plus the 75 SLP you can from adventure and daily quest, you will earn 105 total SLP per day.

Of course, you can earn more than that if:

1.) You spend all your energies in the arena mode. This is not recommended especially if you just started in Axie Infinity because your Axies won’t level up. You need to level up your axies so that you can finish adventure ruins faster and also so you can unlock ruin 21 where you can get 200 SLP if you complete it. We only advise you to spend all your energies in the arena mode if your Axies are already max level.

2. ) Improve your skills. Learn how buffs and debuffs work. Read and understand how cards work. Watch and learn from live streamers and youtubers with the same Axie team and cards as yours.

3.) Invest in a stronger team of Axies. Because of the recent update, players now need to focus on the arena mode if they want to earn more SLPs per day. To do that, you need to buy Axies with better skills in order to compete with high ranked Axies as well.

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SLP Per Win in Arena Mode by MMR

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Here’s the final and updated Axie arena SLP per win chart:


Sometimes you will get lower or higher SLP in the arena mode depending on your opponent’s rank. If you played against a higher-ranked player you will get higher SLP if you win. On the other hand, if you queued against a lower-ranked player and you won, you will get lower SLP.

Sample SLP Computations Per MMR in Arena Mode

Once you finally finished ruin 21 or you already have high-level Axies, you can now spend all your 20 energy in the arena mode.

Here’s an estimate of how much SLP you can earn per day according to your rank. These computations are based on a 50% win rate and 20 energy. If you have a higher win rate or you have 40 or 60 energies, then you can obviously earn more SLP.

What Does This Update Mean to New Players?

Reducing the SLP earnings per day might sound bad for those who want to start with the game, but this is needed to balance the overwhelming supply of SLP. What I can advise those who are planning to start in this game is to invest in a good team of Axies as much as possible. And also the most important thing you should keep in mind is to invest money that you can afford to lose since this game is not just a game but an investment.

We also highly advise all those who are planning to invest in Axie Infinity to ask for help from someone you personally know before you proceed in buying Axies. There are hundreds of hacking cases being posted in Axie Infinity groups. Read our article on how to avoid scammers and hackers in Axie Infinity.

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