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The Axie Infinity Scholarship is an excellent opportunity to expand your passive income while helping others earn a living on the side. The game is fun and popular since you are basically playing a relaxing game while earning cash in the process. Some have even turned the game into a unique form of livelihood, but it can also become an entrepreneurial venture for those who want to invest.

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The Axie Infinity Scholarship Trend

Its no secret that getting into Axie Infinity to earn money isn’t cheap, so there are many who are interested but are unable to produce the initial investment. Axies typically cost $200 more or less, and you are going to need three to start! There are cheaper Axies in the marketplace, but not all of them are viable for Arena PVP.

Not everybody is willing or able to invest and risk that $600 or more, so this is where the Axie Infinity scholarship comes in. the basic gist of it is an investor or a manager will assume the risk of the initial investment and then lending you an account with three Axies that are ready for battle. You don’t have to shell out money, but you only get a fair split of the income every 14 days or so.

It’s a give-and-take situation where both parties benefit from the game, but only the investor or manager gets to shoulder the risk if every Axie Infinity crashes. The scholar can enjoy the peace of mind that he doesn’t have a stake to lose while enjoying the game and earning decent money on the side.

How to Start an Axie Infinity Scholarship Program

Investors and managers should have these items ready:

  1. Browser (Google Chrome)
  2. MetaMask
  3. Axie Infinity Account
  4. Ronin Wallet/Account
  5. Axies for Scholars

Investors or managers will be the ones to procure the Axies from the marketplace, so reading up on the current meta to know what’s viable for farming is necessary. You can’t simply buy the cheapest Axies available since many of them will not work efficiently in Arena PVP where SLP is earned quicker. Remember, the more SLP the scholar earns, the better your team’s income will be.

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You also need to create the Axie Infinity Account for the Scholar

  1. Create a Ronin and MetaMask account for the scholar.
  2. Go back to the marketplace using the scholar’s MetaMask and Ronin account
  3. Make sure that your main account is logged out
  4. Click login then choose Log in Using Ronin (scholar account)
  5. Approve then sign in
  6. Click Account Settings and bind the MetaMask account
  7. Create an email address and password that the scholar can use to login. Make sure that the password is different from the one you used for the Ronin and MetaMask so they can’t log in to them.

Of course, you need to transfer the three Axies you’ve procured for the Scholar’s accounts:

  1. Login to the owner or manager account and choose the Axie you will loan to the scholar
  2. Click Gift
  3. In the next pop-up, input the Ronin address of the Scholar account and click Gift again.

You will receive a notification that confirms the transfer on your Ronin account. The Axie’s level will reset to zero and it needs to be re-synced with the rest once you’ve transferred all three.

Tips for Axie Infinity Investors and Managers

It’s also important to build an efficient and reliable management system to ensure that your earnings and the scholar’s experience is as smooth as possible. Here are some tips to make things easy:

  1. Use the same username for the scholar’s accounts to make management easier
  2. Create a dedicated email for the scholar using the email trick. You can add the + symbol plus a number or nickname to the original username. For example, if the main email is [email protected], then use [email protected] and so on. Doing it this way will be less confusing, plus the main email account also receives the messages in the scholar’s emails. Axie Infinity will recognize each version as a unique email so it won’t mix up when logging in.
  3. Tabulate the usernames and passwords for each scholar account in Excel so you can easily manage them.
  4. Use tools like to track SLP earnings
  5. Create a vault account to store tokens or unused axis

The key to a successful Axie Infinity scholarship program is excellent management and keen observation. This is doable with the tips and systems mentioned here, but its also worth checking out other guides or talking to other scholarship guilds. You can also hire a dedicated manager to do these things for you, but that also means that you have to give him or her a fair share of the income.

Its also wise to focus on educating your scholars with the latest news or events in the game, such as changes to stats or nerfs and buffs. The game is continuously evolving, and there are coming features that will surely jolt the price of SLP and Axies when they arrive. Investors and managers should always be in the loop with these developments so they can help get the team ready for new metas or adjustments in the game.

How to Recruit Axie Infinity Scholars

Recruiting scholars is now easy due to the popularity of Axie Infinity and its steady growth. It’s only a matter of joining Discord channels or advertising on social media to find interested parties. You also need to define the rules of the agreement with the scholars so everything runs as smoothly as possible.

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It is also worth noting that you should at least do an interview to know more about the prospect scholar. It is important that they are experienced and enthusiastic about playing video games and if they have the hardware for it.

The minimum requirement is a mobile phone, but what’s most important is that they have a stable internet connection. Mobile networks are okay, but it’s still best that they at least have a DSL or fiber connection at home. This ensures that their farming won’t be affected by poor signals or bad weather.

Recruiting is easy nowadays, especially if you join Axie Infinity-related Discord servers or social media groups. The real challenge here is to find dedicated and skilled players who will be able to provide the best possible income for both parties.

The final step when you onboard them is to establish a means of communication such as a private Discord server. You should also confirm their identities for security purposes but guarantee that their data will be kept safe from theft and will not be used for profit. Trust goes both ways, and it is important to keep that in mind to ensure that your scholarship program runs smoothly.

  1. Determine the split of the earnings (50/50 and 60/40 scholar and owner cuts are popular)
  2. Define your payment schedule (Once every 15 days; It is best to clarify and schedule which day of the week, such as the closest Sunday to the withdrawal day)
  3. Define a minimum (100 SLP/day or 1400 SLP/cutoff is the standard minimum)
  4. Provide tips and educate the scholar regarding strategies to help them farm more efficiently.
  5. Ask the scholar to set up a Ronin Wallet so they can receive their earnings smoothly.

The scholar account should only be passed to the user if every parameter has been clarified. It is also important to gather and store your scholar’s identities while guaranteeing its safekeeping at the same time. You can then provide the username and password of the Axie Infinity account to the scholar so he can start playing and earning.

You can also provide a QR code for the mobile gamers since the account details are only needed to log in to the PC client. However, veteran Axie Infinity managers suggest that giving the account details will be easier to manage since the players themselves can generate the QR code. It changes from time to time, so making the players self-sufficient will eliminate delays and management issues.

Running Your Axie Infinity Scholarship Program

It should be smooth sailing from here on out, and you’d instantly know and feel why Axie Infinity is very popular right now. However, it’s also very important to flex your managerial muscles and keen senses to ensure that your scholarship program is a well-oiled machine. Treat it as a business instead of a hobby if you want to maximize your earnings, and keep things as professional as possible.

It is also very important to watch over your scholar’s well-being and farming experience. Setting an impossible minimum will tire and stress them out quickly, and leaving them to fend for themselves against a new meta will drop your SLP output. Staying active and communicating are crucial, especially since the game is still evolving and its community is growing.

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