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Congratulations! I’m assuming you already got you first team of Axies that’s why you’re here. But if you’re still planning to buy or waiting for a scholarship, you can still learn in advance on how to properly farm your SLPs.

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Update as of August 9, 2021: As Season 18 arrives, adjustments were made with the SLP earning mechanism:

  • From the previous 100, the current SLP Cap for the Adventure is now 50
  • Daily Quest completion will now only give you 25 SLP from the previous 50
  • Higher rewards in the Arena

Update as of October 15, 2021: 1.1.0A Update

  • Accounts under 800 MMR will no longer receive SLP from adventure, arena, or the daily quest.

How to Farm SLPs efficiently

The minimum amount of SLPs that you can get in a day is 75. You can get that by completing the daily quest that will reset on 8 AM Ph time.

The quest includes logging in, finishing 10 Adventure levels and Winning 5 Arena Matches. These can be achieved even without energy so you can repeat the process so you can finish these tasks.

After finishing the quest, you can now claim your 25 SLPs. Next step is to get the 50 SLP in the Adventure mode.

Each level has its own amount of SLPs after you finish it. The amount/cap of SLP that you can get on Adventure Mode is only 50 per day. The good thing is you can get these 50 even without energy, the only catch is you won’t get exp.


After getting those, you now have your guaranteed 75 SLP per day.

Phase 1

Grinding this 50 SLP in the Adventure mode in your first few days will be hard, because your Axie level is too low and low levels on Adventure modes give 1-4 SLPs only.

The tip that I can give you is to allot energy wisely on your first few days of playing or up to 15 days. I suggest using your 20 energy on Adventure mode so you can level fast and access high levels on Adventure Mode that can give you 10-20 SLPs per win.

With the right Axie Level and Ruin Level (Probably Ruin 20), you can now complete the 50 SLP in Adventure Mode in less than 15 minutes.

You will also get a 200 bonus SLP if you finish the Ruin 21 so it is imperative to level up your Axie faster.

Phase 2

Once your Axies are high enough to grind the 50 SLP in Adventure Mode in minutes, you can now allot more or split your energy in the Arena Mode. This is where the going gets tough as you will now fight real players in the community.

You really need to read the enemy cards, energy count and class counters to achieve high win rate.

Though losing is part of the game, every win in the Arena Mode is very important as you have a Matchmaking Rating (MRR) that you need to take care of. Get your MMR too low and you won’t get any SLP in the arena Mode, adventure, and daily Quest.

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The higher your MMR is, the higher number of SLPs that you can get every win. You can still play in the Arena Mode even without energy but you won’t get any SLP every time you win. Also remember that you won’t be getting any SLP from adventure, arena or daily quest if you are under 800 MMR.

Phase 3

This is where you will spend all of your energy in the Arena Mode. High Win Rate is very crucial if you want to gain a lot of SLPs per day. Important reminder that as of 1.1.0A Update, players who have below 800 MMR will no longer receive SLP from adventure, arena, or the daily quest.

If you follow these steps, you can probably gain:

  • Daily Quest – 25 SLP
  • Adventure Mode – 50 SLP
  • Arena Mode (Assuming that you win 15 matches out of 20 with energy and you are from 1100-1299 MRR) =105
  • Total SLP per day =180

If you’re on a higher MMR, you’ll get as much as 255 SLP per day if you achieve a win rate of 75%.

Disclaimer: This is based on my personal experience playing the game. This is something that works for me and doesn’t guarantee that it will work for everyone.

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