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Balance of Power questline is a wonderful point for transmogs.

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First, it unlocks another artifact weapon appearance – and excellent as such. Second, you’ll visit almost eincredibly mythic dungeon from Legion and probably get some items tright here. Third, and also many vital, it needs multiple Emerald Nightmare/The Nighhold runs. As of patch 8.3. in Battle for Azeroth they are perfectly soloable by any type of course or spec on Regular difficulty, so it’s an excellent opportunity to obtain your Nighthost Normal class sets on the way!

If, achoose me, you’ve missed the questline throughout Legion days and also doing it now, the overview will carry out the necessary indevelopment and landmarks to finish it. 

First and also foremost, prep.

Balance of Power – Quest Requirements:

Order Hall Campaign to make Kalec sell you the starting search Demon Hunters/Blue Dragons questline in Azsuna to procede Nightfallen questlines till you deserve to complete Moon Guard searches in Suramar to procede

Balance of Power – Reputation Requirements:

Honored via Court of Farondis (Azsuna faction) Revered via Valar’jar (Stormheim faction) Revered with Nightfallen (Suramar faction)

I normally suggest you play via Suramar/Azsuna/Stormheim questlines to gain reputation fast, and then exploit emissaries, people pursuits and also also rep tokens from order hall goals.

Balance of Power – Questline Hubs


Your initially pursuit hub is Azsuna, namely the blue dragon hideout. Kalec and also Senegos will certainly sfinish you to execute stuff and bring power items to them so you might improve your weapon. Here’s what you need:

Complete Eye of Azshara (Mythic) – the Azsuna dungeon. Complete Darkheart Thicket (Mythic) – the Val’sharah dungeon Purchase a things from Court of Farondis – that’s as soon as you have to be Honored. Collect 30 Blood of Sargages – these come from dungeon bosses, order hall table goals and also human being quests.

This part – via Blood of Sargperiods being our initially chokepoint – could be completed in one or 2 days. I’m not a fan of multiple dungeon runs, so I limit myself to world pursuits and table missions only. Of course, you acquire around 12 bloods from running Eye and Thicket dungeons for pursuit as well.

Then comes our second chokepoint: Emerald Nightmare rassist. You need 2 weekly resets to finish the following:

Kill Il’gynoth and also Xavius for pursuit items Collect 30 Corrupted Essences

Quest items are a 100% drop. Essences drop from eexceptionally boss, and also they variety for around 19-23 per one rassist run, so basically you require 1,5 Emerald Nightmare rhelp runs. You can execute this solo or in a group, yet you might clear the rassist just as soon as per week (obstacle doesn’t issue as long as it’s not LFR).

When we empower the artireality, Kalec and also the champion leave Senegos and relocate out to Meredil’s Nightfallen hideout.

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By this step you will require a completed Moon Guard questline in Suramar – so that pursuit NPCs showed up in your Meredil base, and Revered with Nightfallen to purchase the search item from Thalyssra. The list of endeavors:

Complete Vault of the Wardens (Mythic) – the Azsuna dungeon. Complete Court of Stars (Mythic) – the Suramar dungeon Complete Arcmeans (Mythic) – the Suramar dungeon Purchase an item from Thalyssra – that’s once you have to be Revered. Summon and kill a demon in Faronaar, Azsuna

The last piece is tricky, but it’s actually not. You must pertained to the marked pursuit spot and kill any demons about to collect 5 little portal shards – which you usage to make a portal stone and summon the pursuit demon at the altar. 10 minutes tops, and also the drop is good.

With demon chaos energies being as well volatile to usage in our weapon, we now go to Stormheim for Odyn’s blessing.


You should be Revered via Valar’jar – likewise gain your story questlines done here. List of jobs:

Complete Maw of Souls (Mythic) – the Stormheim dungeon Complete Neltharion’s Lair (Mythic) – the Highhill dungeon Kill 3 beasts in Stormheim, Highhill and Azsuna to make a feast for Odyn Complete Halls of Valor (Mythic) – the Stormheim dungeon

When doing the last one, make sure you use your feast appropriate after you enter the dungeon – tright here will be a sparkling mark a couple of steps ahead. Then you can complete the dungeon as always and after defeating Odyn wait out for his speech to obtain the required blessing.


Back in Suramar and also Meredil base, Kalec and also the Nightfallen will certainly currently sfinish you to the final step: The Nighthold rhelp.

Kill Trilliax, Elisande and Gul’dan for quest items – 100% drop Collect 20 Nightshards

The Nightshards drop from eextremely boss, however it’s not 100%. So this may take a while – you might need as much as 3-4 resets to obtain them all.

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All in all the questline takes around a month to complete:

Week 1: Dungeons -> Blood of Sargperiods -> Emerald Nightmare Round 1 Week 2: Emerald Nightmare Round 2 -> Dungeons -> The Nightorganize Round 1 Week 3+: The Nighthost Round 2+ till completion

Now some bad news: the questline is not account-wide, so you’ll have to lug every course with.

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