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Minecraft servers are known for the inspiration they often take from pop culture, including several other popular video games. So its hardly surprising that there are more than a few servers that seem to have picked up on the fast-paced battle royale gameplay made famous by PUBG, a game almost as iconic as Minecraft.

If you’re a fan of both PUBG and Minecraft, then these battle royale servers are the best way to bring them both together in an epic amalgamation of gaming legends. Without further ado, here are some of the best PUBG-inspired battle royale servers in Minecraft.

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Five best PUBG-like battle royale servers in Minecraft

1) CraftRealms

CraftRealms (Image credits: LugiaaPvP, Youtube)

CraftRealms is a pretty great server when it comes to battle royale games in Minecraft. This particular server focuses mostly on multiplayer survival games such as PvP, Skywars, as well as Hunger Games.

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Hunger Games is the one particular game mode that most resembles a BR, where several Minecraft players are thrown on one map, and they must fight and survive until one emerges victorious.

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2) Warzone

Warzone (Image credits: Minecraft Forum)

WarZone is an excellent server that takes the battle royale gameplay style and merges it with the whimsical interface of Minecraft. The server allows players to engage in matches where they must fight to the last man, with guns and vehicles that are not usually part of the arsenal in Minecraft and are more inspired by games like PUBG.

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3) Fusion World

Fusion World (Image credits: World of Mods)

Fusion World, a server made in Italy, is hands down one of the most popular servers in Minecraft, which spoils a player for choice in terms of game modes. While Pixelmon, Survival, and Skyblock are options, there are also match types like Rust, based on the famous survival PC game, as well as a battle royale mode, complete with guns as well as shrinking maps.

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4) Battle Royale

Battle Royale (Image credits: Games4Goat, Youtube)

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This Minecraft server is one that is the most like PUBG. A server dedicated solely to replicating battle royale games in the fun and light-hearted graphics of Minecraft, Battle Royale is perfect for people who love the genre. The server holds weekly tournaments and even has rewards planned for the sole survivor of each match!

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5) Culture Craft

Culture Craft (Image credits: _Cky4HbIU_, Youtube)

Culture Craft is one of the more popular servers in Minecraft that also has BR game modes for the players. While the server has also got plenty of other games like prison, creative, skyblock, and regular PvP, the battle royale mode is very popular.

This Minecraft server does its best to replicate the action-packed gameplay of games like PUBG and Fortnite, with shrinking borders and loot chests to raid, as well as plenty of players to kill!

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