BB academy, ep. 2 — Skins and morphs (2020)

Hello there! My name is McHorse, and welcome to
the second episode of Blockbuster tutorial series. In this video, I'll show you how 
to add skins to Blockbuster mod, configure morphs, and install new models. So first, let's say you have some player skins.   Here are I have a couple of skins on the 
desktop. To add these skins to Blockbuster,  open the dashboard screen, by pressing 0 key, 
head to mod options panel, and select Blockbuster. Click on the open skins button, and then
a folder will pop up. Close the dashboard, and drag skins into the folder.

Then a 
moment later, all the skins will disappear, and you would see a lot of messages in the chat. So, if we want to change the appearance of a 
replay in a scene, let's say, to Notch skin, we can look up in the chat to which model 
did the skin go, then, select the model in  the morph picker, it's "blockbuster.steve"
for notch's skin, and press Q. This will open a sidebar which will contain 
presets with skins.

Let's look for notch skin,  and click on it, and now we have notch as 
an actor. Let's try the same thing, but with  the villager skin we had. For villager, it was 
"blockbuster.fred". Repeat the same thing, and here, we have villager for the second actor. This system will place "alex" skins, i.e. with 
3 pixel wide arms, into "fred's" skins folder   as well, so if you have some "alex" skins, you 
can change the model type in the morph editor.   To open morph editor, click on the edit 
button. Now click on the pick model button,   and change the model from "fred" to 
"alex," and the arms will turn thinner.

Another cool thing you can do with model picker,   is to extrude your skins by 
switching the model to 3D variant. So, if we'll have some skins with outer layers, 
like this girl skin, and we'll edit the morph   and change its model from "alex" to
"alex_3d", the skin will become 100% cooler! As you can see, the outer layers became extruded.   You can always change back from extruded to 
flat, by switching model type back to "alex." Now let's look into the 
morph picker closer. However,   we're going to do this from creative morph menu, 
which can be opened by pressing B key, by default.

There are surely a lot of morphs,   ranging from the ones that you can use from 
other mods, i.e. modded mobs, and some special   morphs provided by my mods. Like the ones in 
Emoticons and Blockbuster models sections. First, I'd like to do a quick 
overview of Blockbuster extra morphs.   By the way, most of these morphs 
have their own BB tips videos,   so pay attention to the top right corner 
when I'll be reviewing these one by one. The first morph, is the image morph. It 
allows you to use an image as a morph.   Some of its usages are paintings via model 
blocks, or animated facial expressions.

The second morph is the particle morph. It 
allows you to spawn vanilla or morph particles. It can be used to spice up 
the scene with particles. The third morph is the sequencer morph. It allows 
you to create repeated morph animations from other morphs. Some of its usages are background animated 
props or actors, spinning stuff, or eyes blinking. The fourth morph is the record 
morph. It allows you to use a recorded Blockbuster player recording as a morph. The fifth morph is the snowstorm morph. It's 
a morph that allows you to use custom particle  effects made either in Jannis' Snowstorm particle 
editor, or within Blockbuster's particle editor.

And the remaining morphs are item, block and 
label morphs. Those are self-explanatory, but feel free to watch this video in the 
top right corner, which shows how they work. Now, but the most coolest morphs of all, are 
the Blockbuster models morphs. If you edit any of these Blockbuster model morphs, there 
are so many options to play around with. The main panel shows the pose editor,   on the left side you can edit the 
pose of morph. In the pose list, you can pick one of the preset poses. To stop 
using that pose, click on the reset pose button. You can also create a custom 
pose just for this morph, by clicking the create pose button. This 
will let you pose model's limbs manually. On the left, you can pick 
the limb you want to adjust, and on the bottom you can adjust the position, 
using the fields under "Translate" label, scale, under "Scale" label, and 
orientation, under "Rotate" label. With these fields, you can either 
manually input the desired value, or you can adjust these by sliding horizontally. 
Shift and Alt control the intensity of the change, and clicking while holding Ctrl
rounds the number to nearest integer.

You can also select the limb by 
clicking it while holding a control key, or command key on Mac. It's much quicker. Once you positioned the pose, you can use it in 
a scene, or reset it. The final pose property is sneaking pose, which allows to apply the 
pose we picked, or created, while sneaking. If I exit the morph editor, and morph 
into this morph by selecting the morph, and then clicking on the morph button, I'll be 
able to use the selected pose only when I sneak.

On the top right, you have animated poses option.   These options allow you to animate poses. This 
topic is out of the scope of this tutorial,  however, feel free to watch this 
video in the top right corner. On the bottom we have the model picker, which 
allows to change the model of this morph.  And lastly, there are global and GUI scale fields. Global scale allows to change 
the scale of this morph,  so you could add scale variety to your characters.

And GUI scale allows you to change the scale 
of how big the morph looks within GUI's.  This option is made for huge models which don't 
fit nicely into the morph picker's preview. The next panel is body part panel. Here you can 
add other morphs to this model's limbs. Here is  an example of putting cauldron on top of "alex," 
however, this topic is also out of scope of this  tutorial, so feel free to watch a dedicated video 
about body part system, in the top right corner. And final panel is materials panel. It's a bit 
empty, the pick skin button allows you to change  the skin of this model morph using a texture 

You can pick a skin from any folder  within Blockbuster's models folder, which 
can be jpeg, animated gif, or even a URL. And keying option allows you to enable keying mode 
of the model, which makes the entire model erase  pixels from the video or screenshot, when taking 
screenshot or recording a video with Minema's  alpha options enabled. For more information, 
watch a dedicated video in the top right corner. Those are all of Blockbuster model morph options,   at the moment of making of this 
video. Play around with these. And finally, let me show you how 
to install some Blockbuster models.  I have a channel on my Discord server where people 
post models, let's install a couple of these. I downloaded five different models, 
links are in the description, however you need to join my Discord 
server first, to access these posts. So let's get into it. Open the dashboard screen, 
and go to Blockbuster's mod options again, click on open models button. 
This will open a window, where you can drop the models, 
well after unzipping them first.

Once you install all of these models, they will 
appear in the main blockbuster models category. If you want specific models go to 
their own separate morph categories, you can create a new empty folder, and 
drop these model folders there instead. This will make models appear 
in their own category. However beware! If you already used this 
model anywhere, it will break the morph. You can fix the morph, by manually changing 
the name of the morph in the NBT data tag, however, if you have lots of these broken morphs 
scattered across many scenes, that will be a lot of work, so try not to change the location of 
your models, after these models were installed.

If you want to make your own model, feel free 
to check out the BB models playlist in the top right corner, which has a couple of videos 
about making and importing custom models. That's pretty much it. Hopefully this video 
helped you to figure out how to add skins, edit Blockbuster model morphs, change 
model and or pose, and install new models. I would also recommend watching 
this video, in the top right corner, which demonstrates additional features added by 
Metamorph mod, for storing and managing morphs. Thanks for watching, and 
see you in the next episode!.

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