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Hey McHorse is busy making a video for the Teletubbies series, so today I want to help make a tutorial on his behalf. Many people, including me, have always wanted to know how to use the Blockbuster model to make blinking animations like the previous video. I have been tossing about the tools McHorse provides us and I want to provide you with a simple tutorial on how to set up animations for Blockbuster recording and eyes. First of all, before we start to make our animation recordings, we must first determine a concept. You can imagine it as Stop-motion animation model Have you seen those Lego animation videos before , the little people in them move by themselves? That is, stop-motion animation is basically taking a photo of the actor moving slightly at a time and then stitching them together to make it look like we are moving by itself Will do some similar operations, but using the Minecraft model and it is easier to implement.

If we enter the interface of the director box, you can see that we have completed an animated actor. She has six models that play in a loop. This is a stop motion animation. You can also edit the duration of each model, but we will discuss it later. You just need to know that no matter what animation model you are using, the actor will contain many different models. By letting them loop, you can get the animation effect.

First, let us To create a new model, enter 2 here. There is another name. We call it test dummy. Then we need to choose a disguise. If you want to make an animated pose, you have to start with the series generator. I can assert that the sequence generator is Your best choice. So as you can see, we already have two models here. Now we have to remove this one. We have to choose the disguise because in this example we will not animate Steve and then we have to come here.

It may be wrong. I will discuss this with McHorse later, but we need to select the Alex3D model. If you merge the folder he sent you in the previous video, you can use this model. Then we click on it, click on edit, and then we have to select Skin Now you have to click on the small folder with two dots and slashes and click again. If (before) you put it in the correct folder, you will see alex_eyes.

Click on it and then click on Eye testing. Now if you pay attention When it arrives, this skin does not have eyes, but our model has it. This is added through the new model, which is the one with blinking animation and other effects. Basically, the pupils of the eyes and the whites of the eyebrows can be animated like their own bones. If that makes sense. It will make more sense when I show it. If you click on any of the limbs, you can edit its pan, zoom and roll values. The position scaling of the limb determines the size, width and length of the limb. Rotation, as the name suggests, is to rotate the limb. At first, we hope that the person will remain normal. This is roughly the case. But in the second case, when you add it again, it will copy your previous highlight. Now we have a second model. If we click to choose disguise editing, then we click here. The pose editor with poses is now interesting. We want it to generate animation and her eyes are closed.

Right, so we are about to start adjusting the limbs. I will try to speed up in the video, but I will explain while doing it. We start with the right eye and we will shrink it so that you can see it, right, so we have to reduce it to Probably in fact we are not going to modify the X axis. What we want to modify is the Y axis. We will reduce it to 0. You can still see a little bit of the blue part, but it has actually disappeared. We have to move our eyes down. We set Change the Y axis to 3. Well, it’s not that we changed it to 1.2. I set it like this. You can make some changes to it. But I set it like this. We have to make the same changes to the left eye, right? Next is the pupil. Keep the balance (set to) 0 0. This is the case for zooming-so that it almost disappears and then on the Y axis we change the value of translation to 1.2 . The same is true on the other side.

There is one more point I want to talk about if you um, if you want Set it very precisely how big it is.. For precise position or rotation to the limit position, you can use a decimal point and then you can enter a decimal number 0.3 0.4 0.5 This can’t be set to more than 2 or 3 such an integer here is more suitable for entering a decimal. This is For a small adjustment, you can even go one more to tenths. If you need such precision, that’s it for me. Now it’s all done. We need to move the eyebrows. This time we don’t need to scale it because The eyebrows remain unchanged.

We have to move the eyebrows from 2.5 to 1.5 on the Y axis. Repeat this operation on the other side and then it is done. Now the eyes are closed. Our character. Our girl. Her eyes are now closed. I want to explain the principle of stop motion animation. When you want to make stop motion animation, usually what you need to do is to take a picture of each animation pose and then move the limbs at a time, only moving a little bit. So the process of making stop motion animation is very daunting. That's why. Few people do this, but McHorse gave us a powerful tool. Marco gave us a very awesome thing called the "animation" option. This option means that it will add all the small key frames between the two models to make movement. The process is smoother. In this way, we don’t need to set up more than fifty models.

If you don’t understand all these terms You just need to understand that if you want to get a smooth animation , check the "Animation" option for each model. If you prefer incoherent sequences, then uncheck it. We have a simple animation. Now let’s try to record it, so I just want to record it quickly, then I’ll stand here and then I’m going to click here, we’ll stand here for a few seconds, you know, feel the world with your heart, now we click here again Make sure you have a bound play button. Now you can see that it is already playing an animation on its own. It doesn’t look right, but at least we did it, right.

The eyes are blinking and it’s not bad. You may have noticed When the eyes blink, the speed seems to be very slow. The animation is also playing repeatedly. It looks like she has sand in her eyes. To solve this problem, we need to modify the parameter called “Duration Length''. Duration refers to the model. For the duration of the display, let it play faster, reduce the duration, extend the duration, and increase the duration. In the current example, I’m talking about this example. For us, we’re now going to change the value to 10 . What is easy to confuse is that the model itself also has a duration . The best way to explain this problem is the duration of the model … is the time required to transition to this model and the duration of the sequence is the model itself Duration and then we have to change this parameter to 3.5.

We copy the first model again and then we have to change it to 30. This is to increase the duration of her blinking. Let’s try it first. After that, it’s more vivid. Of course, it’s still a bit slow when you open your eyes. McHorse’s one is faster, so we have to change the third model and select the camouflage editing. Then we change the duration to 3 and it’s done. Now It’s a little bit faster, right? It’s very cool. Now if you want to move your pupils and not just your eyebrows, right? You can do it like that. Let’s copy the first model and keep the length unchanged. Select the camouflage and edit it to make the model last a little bit longer. Increased to 3.5. Now we return to the pose editor. In this case, we want to move the left or right eye of the model. Then we want to modify the pupil. After that, we want to move it. We translate it and move it. The meaning is almost the same. Diudiu, like this, we changed it to 2.5.

Sorry-2.5. Now she is looking to the left. Let’s change her eyebrows because I want her to look a little worried as if there is something behind her. You don’t need to directly enter the X-axis, Y-axis or Z-axis. You can hold down and drag in any direction. It will start to move a bit nervous, but once you master the knack for it, you can move faster. You will get an exaggerated value but you can follow it. I like to fine-tune it this way, but we want to make it a bit further down.

I want it to be very precise. We changed it to 3. It looks good. We now have the fourth model. We want to increase its duration because I want to make it. She was a little more worried. We are now going to delete the third model because we are going to make a different pose but we will add another blinking model. We select the second one to add and then we click on this one to add the first one and then we add the first one. The duration of the five models is 30. Give her some time to breathe.

When we are finished, let’s take a look at the effect. You see, now you have an animated face. You can also use limbs and body parts to do this effect. Now let’s edit the third model. Go back to the pose editor. You can also modify the position of the arms and legs. Let’s kick the right foot outward. You can modify the movements of the legs, eyes, and head in different ways. Now when I turn me like this I turned my head manually, so you don’t need to animate the head.

If you have already recorded it, you can still walk around and you can also move the limbs, left arm, right arm, leg, torso, eyes, if you want. But you have to remember an important principle. If you want to make the transition between models smoother, don't forget to check the “animation'' option. I will tell you what will happen if we check them off. Now the action becomes less coherent.

Very fast and precise, but it’s still that way. The action is still the same, but it’s different from a smooth animation. This is more like a fast twitching. Except for the head movements that we have already recorded at the beginning, if you want to import your own skin to make the animation Before you import the transformed eyes , you still need to make some modifications to your skin. First, your skin cannot have eyes or eyebrows. They belong to the third layer of skin.

In addition, you need to draw these patterns on your skin. This will let the model loader know that these are probably the outer material of your eye skin. You can use software similar to Photoshop or [ __ ] to complete this color represents the color of your eyes, this represents the eyebrows, and this represents the pupils. You can follow your own Finally, open your Minecraft folder and select config/blockbuster/models/alex_eyes/skins and put the approval file in the folder and you are done. Anyway, I hope you like this video. I just want to give McHorse a copy. Li because he seems very busy and there are many people asking how to achieve this effect, so I hope this helps. Thanks for watching. Goodbye.

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