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Just coming back to this game since it's release and I spent a lot of time creating a character (and saving its settings) and then entered the game. After about 5 seconds of moving around I realized I hated the voice I chose and went to remake it only to find out that I'll have to wait until tomorrow night to play the game with the name that I want.

Đang xem: Bdo how long does it take to delete a character

This might be a dead horse getting beat but it's pretty heckin' ridiculous to this potentially returning player.


You get a free 7-day value pack on the first day of logging in on a new rewards cycle for new / returning players.

log in every day: 1 day vp every 2 weeks.

leave for a month: get free 7 day vp

guess its time for me to take a break.

Try muting the voice and play until you get a free value pack then change it. Or just leave it muted all together. I find the voices annoying personally.

Muted the voices once.

Never bothered to turn them back on, realized I never really liked hearing the voices.

But to each their own, some want to hear voices I suppose =)

I was able to get around the timer just by restarting the game. I have no idea if it's supposed to work that way, but someone told me to try it and it worked for deleting two L1 characters I had just made.

Queue for delete.

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Close BDO.

Reload game, that character was gone.

Hopefully that works for you.

I don't know after 8 hour of hearing your char grunt isn't that great. I just turned of all voice which includes npc and character. don't need to hear 'Ha!' everytime I chased when I played maehwa

My issue is that I have a name on one of my characters, but I wan't to have that name on another character. The amount of effort needed to do this is so much that I haven't actually tried to do it since I wanted to a year ago…

Sometime last year they used to shorten the time, I assume based on character level. Before a certain level threshold, it used to be like an hour. A level 56 deletion would take 24 hours, I've seen a level 50 take a few hours. I don't know why they implemented 24 hours mandatory.

It's a safety feature to prevent accidental character or malicious character deletion. Almost all MMOs have this.

Well idk, none of the high quality mmos I've ever played have this, only the korean grind fest ones. Archeage, BDO, you name it. It's just an annoying and lazy feature.

WoW has this and it works because the key is to not occupy any character slots while the character in on the deletion period. That is the worst part, you effectively have -1 character slot while deleting a character. The solution i suggest is: A different tab should be made specifically for this feature (just like WoW's character deletion system).

IIRC you can delete the BDO temporary files and the deletion timer disappears… so, choose delete char, exit game, then delete your local character files. I forget where it's all located, but I'm sure you can find it through googling. Good luck.

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tbh I always turn character voices off in every game, especially in BDO where most classes are underage females.


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