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Character classes

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Starting zone


Death knight, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior
KTC Headquarters, Kezan and Shipwreck Shore, Lost Isles<1>
None, formerly the The Undermine
How to roleplay


Blood elfForsakenGoblinOrcTaurenTrollNightborneHighmountain taurenMag”har orc


 <12> Dozercism. Some goblin priests can be like gnome priests, war medics.

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Goblin shaman were, like goblin priests, not known until Cataclysm. However, in the beta many goblin shaman class trainers are called environment engineers, which states that they are goblins working on how to exploit the environment, or heal it from the Cataclysm (which doesn”t sound very true although maybe because the cataclysm destroyed Kezan).


A goblin warlock is a perfect choice. Much like gnome warlocks, goblin warlocks may be mad scientists, combining dark shadow & fel magic with insane devices, as well as potentially augmenting their bodies with powerful demonic energies. Warlocks are also perfect at causing mass destruction, which goblins enjoy very much.


While we tend to think of hunters as survivalists who use their experience with ranged equipment and a loyal companion to handle themselves in the world, Goblins take this role in an oftentimes different direction. As goblins favor technology, you may be a mercenary-for-hire who specializes with all sorts of weaponry: snipers, shotguns, handguns… with the addition of mechanical pets, goblin hunters are a lot more unique. If you choose the Lone Wolf perk for marksmanship, you may not even need a companion at all.

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Death knight

Goblin Death Knights do not originate from the goblins of Bilgewater Cartel, considering these goblins were in Kezan at the time of the Lich King”s ruling. Instead, you were one of the goblins apart of one of the various cartels on Azeroth over the years. A good choice is the Steamwheedle Cartel. Think, what purpose does your Goblin want to serve after his death? Is he the same yet more angry, or is he going to use the power given to him to get what he wants easier?

Recommended professions


Goblins and gnomes are the worlds primary engineers. Goblin engineers focus on things that goes Ka-boom. Besides making explosive stuff, they also make good devices. Both the Mortars and the usable jumper cables are goblin inventions.


Goblins are very good alchemists. The goblin alchemists are famous around the world and brews and sells potions, elixirs and poisons. Goblin alchemists are the supposed ones who invented the




  are examples of good goblin recipes.


Goblins find minerals very important to there everyday lives. Kaja mite for example. they may be looking for a new mineral good enough to make them smarter or they may just have learnt to mine when they were mining the last remains of Kaja mite in the lost isles.

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Other proffesions

Really goblins could actually use other proffesions because they just keep finding new ways to make money, go ahead be creative. some goblins even used there engineering skills to help blacksmiths.

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