Minecraft Desert Seeds for 1.16 (2021) – Bedrock & Java

The head and dry air of the desert has a way of entrancing you, so it shouldn't be a surprise that you might find yourself wanting to see if you can survive in the wastelands filled with sand. There's some great fun to be had by challenging your ability to make your way in more extreme environments, so why not give it a try in Minecraft?

Minecraft Desert Seeds

Here are the best desert seeds you can find in the game:

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Many Temples Seed in the Desert: 2035719640

This seed does start you off in the jungle, however, there is a grand total of six temples in less than 1500 blocks away from you as you spawn! Along with villagers and some grand mountains. It's truly an amazing seed to get OP very quickly, as you can quickly acquire all that temple loot!

Key Locations

  • Jungle Temple: 22 84 -201
  • 1st Desert Temple: 33 69 682
  • 2nd Desert Temple: -740 65 746
  • 3rd Desert Temple: -228 65 538
  • 4th Desert Temple: 1178 65 193
  • 5th Desert Temple: 1129 65 570
  • 6th Desert Temple: -669 69 -277
  • 1st Village: -905 89 -384
  • 2nd Village: -426 70 384
  • Stronghold: -637 89 1503

Savanna Mountain in the Desert: -676569119515363

Huge savanna mountain in the middle of a desert in Minecraft

Credit: Yagassb – Version: Java (1.16.2)

This seed starts off great because you spawn in a pretty rare jungle hills biome, but once you head out onto the desert you will find a massive surprise! There's a pretty enormous shattered hills savanna biome that stands atop a very large mountain. This could be the focal point of your build, or you could just build your base into it and turn it into a lair! You will also find a ruined portal nearby, and a pretty impressive mesa biome as well. The jungle also includes bamboo, so you might find yourself a panda or two, and there's even a temple to explore. You will find a couple of nearby desert villages to do some trade in, so there's almost everything you need in a short vacinity.

Key Locations

  • Savanna Biome Mountain: -211 69 -183
  • Pyramid: -342 66 -434
  • Ruined Portal: -289 78 -314
  • Jungle Temple: 593 67 53
  • Bamboo Jungle: 592 71 123
  • Desert Village: 340 69 -379
  • Desert Village #2: 307 63 -645

Desert Mansion & Outpost: 584841372

Mansion and Pillager Outpost next to each other in desert biome in Minecraft

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Credit: neon_geode – Version: Bedrock (1.14.6)

This isn't exactly at spawn, but it's worth the trip to find it! You spawn near a pretty large badlands/mesa area, so head through that towards the coordinates of the mansion. You'll likely run into a pretty huge ravine that's worth taking a look through for some resources. After that you won't too far from where you are looking to be! You should find yourself a huge mansion, villager outpost, and a nearby pyramid. You can also explore further into the desert and you'll come across a couple of villages.

Key Locations

  • Mesa Ravine: -189 63 -378
  • Swamp Biome: -350 62 -534
  • Desert Mansion: -767 63 415
  • Pillager Outpost: -889 81 505
  • Desert Pyramid: -838 74 617
  • Desert Village: -783 70 901
  • Desert Village Near Savanna Biome: -625 70 579

Mushroom Fields & Desert with Rivers: 305781276485679662

Mushroom island biome sharing space with desert in Minecraft

Credit: kingharkre – Version: Java (1.15.2)

Really interesting seed because you spawn right in a mushroom fields biome that has rivers winding through it that leads directly into a large desert biome that has a village in it. This is a great spawn point, that has a lot of great things around it. There's a lot of shipwrecks in this area, I've listed a couple down below. If you go across the ocean you'll find a snow tundra biome with a village and a pillager outpost!

Key Locations

  • Desert Village: -154 64 8
  • Shipwreck: -193 66 79
  • Shipwreck #2: -199 65 -160
  • Savanna Biome: -575 70 -48
  • Plains Village: -947 71 24
  • Snow Village: -165 73 541
  • Pillager Outpost: -293 76 792

Snow & Desert Biomes: -1643451968

Warm ocean splitting cold and desert biomes

Credit: NateOrb – Version: Java (1.15.2)

This is a really interesting seed because not only do you have a huge desert biome, but it's right near a large snowy mountains biome. In between these two biomes is a pretty large warm ocean with a bunch of coral for you to explore. There's a couple of villages right next to each other, as well as another one further out that has a shipwreck on land right near it! The snow area also has a village to visit as well.

Key Locations

  • Snow Village: 183 65 241
  • Desert Pyramid: -195 73 -277
  • Shipwreck: -487 63 31
  • Desert Village: -932 63 65
  • Desert Village #2: -1000 71 -168
  • Shipwreck #2: -1452 63 -129
  • Desert Village: -1739 63 -498

Pillager Outpost in a Desert Ravine: 616843740

Pillager Outpost in middle of desert ravine

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Credit: god_lifts – Version: Bedrock (1.14.6)

This isn't exactly at spawn, but you can get walk there in a reasonable amount of time. This is a really cool spawn because the outpost is right in a ravine which makes it extend all the way to the bottom of it. You can also find a couple of diamonds down in the ravine, so that's a quick boost to your early game. There's likely some more exploring to be done in this area. This desert area is pretty packed with stuff because there's a couple of villages and pyramids in the biome. At the spawn, you can find a desert with a pyramid and a village that's entirely separate from the outpost section!

Key Locations

  • Desert Pyramid: 1322 71 176
  • Haunted Desert Village: 1398 69 131
  • Coral Reef: 1655 55 -228
  • Pillager Outpost in Ravine: 488 69 487
  • Diamonds in Ravine: 483 13 499
  • Desert Pyramid: 362 65 560
  • Desert Village #2: 593 71 533
  • Haunted Desert Village #2: 128 68 534
  • Desert Pyramid #3: 106 65 304

Surface Shipwreck, Coral, Desert Village, & Temple: 343145341

Fully intact shipwreck on land in Minecraft

Version: Java (1.14)

This seed has a lot to offer in terms of biomes, including coral, desert, ocean, and taiga. Also, it has some other great features like a large shipwreck that is on the surface that can be explored. It's also got a nearby desert village and temple, as well as a couple of different Pillager Outposts!

Key Locations

  • Shipwreck: 2927 ~ 207
  • Ocean Ruins: 3299 ~ -111
  • Coral Biome: 3147 ~ 49
  • Small Village: 4033 ~ 123
  • Desert Pillager Outpost: 3129 ~ 376
  • Snow Pillager Outpost: 4009 ~ 603
  • Igloo Ice Village: 4159 ~ 900
  • Desert Village w/Blacksmith: 3586 ~ -389
  • Desert Temple: 3224 ~ -295
  • Huge Lava Filled Ravine: 3570 ~ -445

Using the Key Locations

If you want to teleport yourself to one of the locations I mention, just copy the numbers listed by the one you want to visit. Go into your game and into that seed, then in the command window just type in “/teleport @s ” or “/tp @s” and paste the numbers! Once you hit enter, you should teleport to the location.

Versions & Version Numbers

If you are on Windows (unless you're on Java), PS4, or Pocket Edition then your version of the game is Bedrock and all seeds listed as Bedrock below should work with your game. Please note that they don't always show up exactly as described, the version numbers can sometimes play a part in how certain parts of a seed render (villages, biomes, etc.)

In terms of version numbers, each seed was tested based on the number that is listed with it. The seed can still work with other versions of the game, but the seed might not have all the exact spawns listed as previous mentioned in the Bedrock section.

You'll notice some of the screenshots look a bit better than usual, and that's because I've got a Minecraft Shader equipped. If you want to find some awesome general seeds, then check out our Best Minecraft Seeds list!

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