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A few weeks ago, Mojang released the much-needed Minecraft 1.17.1 bug fix update for Java Edition. This update addressed many issues related to new mobs, blocks, and ore generation.

Due to these bugs, many players avoided upgrading their worlds to 1.17 or creating a new world at all. However, as bugs have been fixed, players have started playing part one of the Caves and Cliffs update. Players can already play Minecraft 1.17 with mods, shaders, and resource packs.

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Many resource packs have already been updated to the latest 1.17.1 version. This article shares some fantastic 1.17.1 resource packs for Minecraft.

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Resource packs for Minecraft 1.17.1

5) A Touch of Trek

A Touch of Trek (Image via wtbblue.com)

Star Trek fans would love to play Minecraft with A Touch of Trek resource pack. Players who have always wanted to recreate structures from Star Trek can use this pack's beautiful texture to build all sorts of sci-fi stuff. Rather than improving the textures of blocks, A Touch of Trek adds custom textures to blocks inspired by Star Trek.

Download A Touch of Trek from here.

4) URBAN Resource Pack

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Realistic resource packs are one of the best ways to make Minecraft more than just a block game. URBAN is a realism resource pack that adds real-life texture to various blocks and items such as doors, stone, water, wood, armor and more.

By combining the URBAN resource pack with a beautiful shader, players can experience realism in Minecraft.

Download URBAN from here.

3) BetterVanillaBuilding

Just as its name suggests, BetterVanillaBuilding is specially made for building in Minecraft. Even though Minecraft has hundreds of blocks with a unique texture, it may not satisfy the needs of creative builders. Players often want different varieties of the same block to bring variations to their builds.

BetterVanillaBuildings allows players to use custom textures for blocks, mobs, weapons, and more. With this resource pack, players can use special textures meant for building.

Download BetterVanillaBuildings from here.

2) ModernArch Realism

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ModernArch Realism is one of the most popular resource packs available online. With this pack, players can add photorealistic textures to wood, diamond blocks, honeycomb blocks, armor, concrete and more. ModernArch Realism shows how Minecraft would look in real life.

Download ModernArch Realism from here.

1) Default 3D

3D ladders (Image via wtbblue.com)

Ever wondered how Minecraft would look if everything was in 3D? With the Default 3D resource pack, players can experience how blocks would look in 3D. It adds a three-dimensional feel to crafting tables, furnaces, ladders and many other blocks.

The 3D is just in terms of look and doesn't increase the size of blocks. Minecraft builders would love to use the Default 3D resource pack to make their builds look better.

Download Default 3D from here.

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