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Adventure maps add an entirely new experience to Minecraft. Tightly knit together in addictive and mysterious stories, adventure packs are like DLCs that add to the Minecraft gameplay. In such adventure packs, you will spawn on a new map and will have to survive whatever new plot or quest that the map throws at you.

While there are several insanely popular adventure maps for Minecraft, we have shortlisted five of the best ones for you to try out.

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5 best Minecraft adventure maps in 2020

#1 Minecraft Odyssey

Minecraft Odyssey (Image credits: Minecraft Maps)

Everyone loves a good story about a hero. Well, in the Minecraft Odyssey adventure map, you spawn as the hero of light. It is now up to you to defeat the horrid forces of the darkness that seek to destroy the world. You will have to pass through each temple in this valiant map and level up your sword and armour enough to take down the minions of darkness.

#2 Castle to None

Castle to None (Image credits: Minecraft Maps)

If you have friends who want to embark on an adventure with you, then Castle to None is the perfect map to try. A 3-6 player cooperative raid map, Castle to None has a lofty and intimidating castle for you and your friends to explore.

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In this map, you will have defeat monsters, avoid traps and loot resources. You can either play as a ranger, defender or support, giving you plenty of choices to create your own Minecraft story.

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#3 The Mystery of Herobrine Series

The Mystery of Herobrine (Image credits: Minecraft Maps)

Unlike the other maps, this one is actually a series of adventure maps consisting of 6 chapters. The Mystery of Herobrine has been planned since 2016, as per the creator of the map, and has released 5 chapters so far.

A story that spans over 6 chapters, the Mystery of Herobrine series adds to your Minecraft gameplay with a multitude of boss fights and epic plot twists.

#4 Revive the Planet

Revive the Planet (Image credits: Minecraft Maps)

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This particular adventure map is pretty obvious – you spawn on a dead planet and it is now your job to revive it. How will you do that? It’s really simple. You explore each of the temples on the planet and discover the magic of the five elements from each one.

A map that can be played solo or with other players, Revive the Planet is a Minecraft map that’s all about solving riddles.

#5 Mysteria on Island Unknown

Mysteria on Island Unknown (Image credits: Minecraft Maps)

Mysteries in Minecraft should be a genre of its own. In the daunting map that is Mysteria on Island Unknown, the player spawns on an island and hears a secretive voice. The voice speaks of ancient abilities and secrets that this island holds.

With just the spirit of adventure in their hearts, players must explore this island and unlock its secrets.

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