5 best Minecraft Java seeds for diamonds in May 2021

Some Minecraft players prefer to spawn in worlds with diamonds nearby, usually to save some time. Since the same seed will generate the exact same world, players will know the exact coordinates where diamonds will spawn!

The seeds listed below will either have nearby diamonds, or an absurd amount of diamonds per vein, and both options are great!

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Top five Minecraft Java seeds for diamonds in May 2021

#5 – Seventeen ore vein

An absolutely massive diamond vein (Image via Joyntie)

In the seed named 3113466, players will be able to find a massive 17 diamond ore vein. It can be found at the following coordinates: (270 13 -265).

If players use a Fortune III pickaxe on this vein, they will receive 35 diamonds, which is enough for a full set of armor!

#4 – The wealthy blacksmith

An exclusive image of the wealthy blacksmith (Image via Minecraft)

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Located in the 15427653362544 seed, players will find an insanely wealthy blacksmith.

Upon spawning, they will find themselves in a Savannah village. The blacksmith's chest, located in this village, will contain 11 diamonds, a wonderful bonus to a beautiful spawn location.

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#3 – Diamond mansion

What a beautiful view! (Image via Minecraft)

This amazing seed will spawn the player in a village with a woodland mansion right next to it.

The seed is named 9133534446677058449 and gives players tons of diamond resources. In addition to finding three diamonds in the village, players will also find a diamond chest plate and a diamond hoe in the mansion.

#2 – Amazing ravine

A ravine with a view (Image via Minecraft)

In this beautiful seed, named -7629372319681445308, the player is spawned into a jungle with a ravine nearby.

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This ravine can be found at the coordinates -419, -134, which is very close to spawn. The fact that players are spawned in a jungle is a kind of bonus point for this seed.

#1 – Diamond cave

A Monke defending his diamonds (Image via Minecraft)

In a seed named 3937483735383523698, players will discover a massive cave that houses tons of diamonds.

The diamond cave can be found at the coordinates -142 11 786, and it allows players to find around 75 diamonds in a very short period of time. This is an insane amount of diamonds!

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