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Using Minecraft seeds, players can get any desired type of loot, resource, or structure at spawn. Seeds are unique codes made of letters and numbers used by Minecraft to generate terrain, structure, and everything else in the world.

Many players use custom seeds to find villages right at spawn. Villages are one of the best structures in Minecraft. Players can discover haybales, iron tools, weapons, obsidian, diamonds, and more in these villages.

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Villages with blacksmiths have one of the best loot items in Minecraft. This article shares some amazing seeds for villages with blacksmith houses. Players can get valuable loot from their chests as well as by trading with smiths.

Minecraft 1.17 seeds for blacksmith

#5 – Village with two blacksmiths

  • Seed: -671802536
  • Version: Bedrock Edition 1.17.2
  • Coordinates: 560/65/-709

In this Minecraft seed, players spawn on a mushroom field biome. By traveling a few hundred blocks, players can discover a village with two blacksmiths. This village has a dark oak wood forest with many hay bales, a librarian, a priest, and more.

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Under this village, players can find a massive cave system with suitable conditions for axolotl spawning.

#4 – Ruined portal in a village with blacksmith

Village with portal and blacksmith (Image via u/RotatoPotato12 on Reddit)
  • Seed: -261161504
  • Version: Bedrock Edition 1.17
  • Coordinates: spawn

This bedrock seed features a plain village close to the spawn point. Near the blacksmith house, players can find a massive ruined portal. On top of this ruined portal, there are two blocks of gold. Near X=272 and Z=-7, players can find a skeleton and zombie spawner close to each other.

#3 – Abandoned village with five blacksmith houses

Abandoned village (Image via Reddit)
  • Seed: 669246487
  • Version: Bedrock Edition 1.17.2
  • Coordinates: spawn

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is famous for having an unusual structure generation. This seed is an example of how weird worlds can be in Bedrock. Players spawn in an abandoned village with five blacksmith houses. Each of them has loot chests with valuable loot.

Players can loot the village and take haybales quickly before zombies start attacking them.

#2 – Triple village at spawn

  • Seed: 6730157734809847985
  • Version: Java Edition 1.17
  • Coordinates: spawn

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In this Minecraft seed, players can discover three villages in the spawn. One of these villages has a levitating blacksmith house. The loot chest in this house contains two saddles, three iron ingots, a pickaxe, and some other goodies. Players can get more iron ingots by killing iron golems in these villages.

#1 – Two blacksmiths

Two blacksmiths (Image via u/u/EdgyThug on Reddit)
  • Seed: 8038865430415659132
  • Version: Java Edition 1.17
  • Coordinates: -400/75/300

This Minecraft seed is amazing for players looking to start a new Minecraft world. Players can go to the nearest village to find two blacksmith houses. By looting chests, players can get a total of six diamonds. Along with diamonds, these chests also contain lots of iron ingots, gold, obsidian, and more.

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