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One of the most precious items to find in Minecraft is the diamond, a light, blue-colored gem. Players are always after the rare mineral.

Diamonds can be used to make diamond armor, which offers the utmost protection to Minecraft players. It also helps in making diamond weapons, which can either inflict high levels of damage or cause the dropped item from a destroyed object to be higher in level.

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In Minecraft’s Bedrock edition, there are many seeds that are starting points into which a player is entered into their world and can spawn them near multiple diamond veins and ores.

Listed below are five seeds to try on Minecraft Bedrock to find diamonds galore.

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What are the best Minecraft Bedrock seeds for more diamonds?

1) 1577517118

This seed will spawn players near a spot that has a diamond vein with 15 ores available to be mined. Depending on the weapon players have, and the level of it, up to 30 diamonds can be mined in this Minecraft world.

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The amount of diamonds that can be obtained is more than enough for a full set of diamond armor, including a diamond sword or two.

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2) -1665911630

This seed is for Minecraft players who enjoy desert pyramids and the amount of treasure they can hold. If players can bypass the traps and bombs placed in the pyramid, they can reach the four treasure chests located at the bottom. These chests include multiple diamonds, as well as emerald, gold, and other materials.

3) -206561949

The Minecraft seed will spawn players in an area with multiple things to do. Players are spawned next to a ravine that has 21 exposed diamond ores ready for mining and a stronghold within a 1000 block radius.

The stronghold leads to the Ender Dragon, which means players can mine for diamonds, create armor and a sword, and defeat the Ender Dragon within the first 15-20 minutes of gameplay.

Either before or after defeating the dragon, players can explore the land, which has two villages close by and a jungle temple and a mineshaft, which can lead to more diamonds.

Image via Pro Game Guides

4) -671258039

In Minecraft, this seed will spawn players next to a desert temple, which has a village directly behind it. Also, a blacksmith villager will be present with a chest in his building that has plenty of diamonds for the taking.

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In the desert temple, there are plenty of diamonds, emeralds, gold, iron, and more to be taken. All players have to do is brave the traps and bombs in the temple and come out on top with an inventory filled with plenty of rare minerals.

5) 823486800

This Minecraft seed has an unexpected stronghold in the middle of a ravine that runs through a village. At the bottom of the ravine are plenty of diamonds to mine, which can either be used to upgrade armor and weapons or be traded with villagers for other items like weapons, fuel, or more valuable items.

Image via Attack of the Fanboy

While there are plenty of other seeds that can spawn Minecraft players near diamonds, be sure to get as many as you can for the utmost protection and weaponry available to keep you safe in your adventures.

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