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Diamonds are one of the most coveted items in Minecraft. This ore is one of the rarest and strongest materials in the game. It is the second rarest material with Netherite being the first.

Players can use diamonds to make strong armor and weapons in the game. In order to upgrade items to netherite, they will have to make it into diamond first. To craft a full set of diamond armor, players will need 24 diamonds.

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Although the most common usage for diamonds is for weapons and armor, players will need them for other things as well. Diamonds are required to make enchanting tables, and to acquire specific achievements in the game.

Diamonds can sometimes be hard for players to find. Luckily, seeds can be entered where diamonds are easily found in large quantities near a player's spawning point.

In this article, players will learn the five best Minecraft seeds for diamonds as of August 2021.

Top 5 Minecraft seeds for diamonds as of August 2021

5) Ravine Full of Diamonds

Seed: -974562123

Diamonds inside a ravine (Image via Minecraft)

When entering this seed, players will spawn near a huge ravine that has tons of great resources. Ravines can be dangerous to enter, hence the long fall. However, it will be easy if players take the water route.

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Once they enter the ravine, players will see a lava waterfall with its surrounding area teeming with diamonds.

4) Broken Nether Portal

Seed: 1537846859

Broken Nether Portal (Image via Minecraft)

Upon entering this seed, players will spawn near a broken Nether portal. There is a village not too far out from this portal, where they can find lots of loot to make weapons and armor. There are also diamonds located inside the chests in villager huts.

If players keep moving along the world, they may come across a mineshaft inside a ravine where they can find diamonds. The mineshaft is located at coordinates 485 40 300.

3) Three in one

Seed: -573947210

Shipwreck (Image via Minecraft)

In this seed, players will spawn within reach of two shipwrecks and a savanna village. This one seed comprises of three great locations for finding loot, and that too, near the spawn point.

The two shipwrecks will have diamonds inside the chest, and players can also find diamonds inside the savanna village. They should have enough diamonds to make a diamond pickaxe, and maybe even more items.

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Apart from diamonds, players can also acquire emeralds from this seed.

2) Ravine with mineshaft

Seed: -1240247800

Mineshaft (Image via Minecraft)

When entering this seed, players will be spawned right near a ravine that has an abandoned mineshaft inside it. There is also a blacksmith village near the spawn, however, there are no diamonds here.

The mineshaft is the best place for Minecraft players to acquire diamonds. Inside the ravine, there will be lots of good loot to find such as iron, gold, and diamonds.

1) Huge cave & ravine

Seed: 326418930

Ravine in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

When entering this seed, players will spawn near a huge ravine, but there will also be a cave nearby. They can find diamonds in both the cave and ravine.

Players will be able to find enough iron to create a pickaxe to mine all the diamonds upon entering the ravine. This seed is not just good for diamonds, but is also great for hoarding tons of iron.

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