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Minecraft shaders are visual mods that make the game look a lot more realistic. Some most common features seen in many shaders are shadows and moving grass and leaves. To install shaders, players need a mod called optifine.

Using optifine, not only can they use shaders but remove unnecessary particles to improve the game's performance. Optifine can be downloaded from its official website and installed by launching the downloaded file and clicking the install button.

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Many shaders available online can be downloaded and played, but most are very demanding. However, a few shaders work perfectly fine on low-end computers and do not decrease the FPS by a lot.

Best low-end shaders for Minecraft

5) Chocapic13's lite Shaders

The Chocapic13 lite shaders (Image via Minecraft)

Chocopic13's shaders are famous among Minecraft players for being some of the best available. Those with low-end computers should download the toaster edition of the chocapic shader that has the lite variant.

Once downloaded, they need to unzip it and copy the lite variant to Minecraft's shaderpacks folder. Even the lite variant of this shader makes the game a lot more beautiful and keeps it smooth.

4) Tea shaders

The swamp biome (Image via Minecraft/CurseForge)

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Tea shaders have features from high-end shaders but keep the game smooth even on not very powerful computers.

Some key features of this shader are waving grass, leaves, water, underwater reflection, and Nether heat reflection.

3) Builder's QOL


This is a very basic shader that can run well on some very old systems with integrated graphics. The best part of this shader is that its developer is active and has already released an updated version that works on Minecraft 1.17.1.

Builder's QOL has features like custom water, wavy tree leaves and vines, and excellent reflections.

2) MakeUp – Ultra Fast

MakeUp - Ultra Fast shaders (Image via Minecraft)

These are amazing shaders that make the game look a lot better. It adds unique features like motion blur and bluish custom water that look great.

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Players can also disable many of these features if they don't like them or want to increase the game's performance.

1) Waving plants shaders

Plains biome (Image via Minecraft)

Waving plants shaders is a basic shader pack and is available for the latest version of Minecraft.

As the name suggests, this shader adds a waving feature to leaves, plants, grass, and more. It does not change the vanilla look of Minecraft.

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