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There are many Minecraft seeds for players to choose from. Some Minecraft seeds make the world better for long-term survival, and other Minecraft seeds provide other resources like raids and large villages.

Regardless of what the player is looking for, there is usually a Minecraft seed that will help them out. This list will cover Minecraft Bedrock Edition seeds. These seeds can be played on PCs, Xbox, and other Bedrock compatible devices. Here are the top 5 Minecraft Bedrock seeds as of May 2021.

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Top 5 Minecraft Bedrock seeds in May 2021

#1 – Large Island and village

Large village and island (Image via Reddit)

This seed includes a large island with a relatively large village. There are several biomes near this island, but this island also includes most things that players would need in Minecraft. There's a large village with wood, farms, and villagers. There's a small forest, and even a cave right close by.

Surrounding the island is a small ocean, and past that are several different biomes for the player to explore for other biome-specific items.

The seed for this world is -1007380239.

#2 – Mushroom Island and Ocean ruins

Mushroom island (Image via gearcraft)

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This seed not only has a mushroom island but also includes a few ocean ruins scattered throughout the world. Mushroom Island is relatively close to the player's spawn, meaning they are safe from mobs since mobs don't spawn on mushroom islands.

Players will also have lots of loot to explore in the ocean ruins and ruined nether portals. The world also includes a few unique structures and biomes like coral reefs and icebergs. This seed is -817635968.

#3 – Pillager outpost in the desert

Pillager outpost in the desert (Image via minecraftseedhq)

This seed has everything a player could ever want for a raid. It includes a Pillager outpost right next to a desert village and temple. The seed also has a jungle temple and a ruined portal near the desert village.

Players will have no shortage of loot or adventures with this world. They can start a pillager raid and defend their village, or go on exploring the naturally generated structures available in the world. This seed is 212042997.

#4 – Extra large village

This seed includes a massive plains village. The village goes on as far as the player can see and provides nearly endless trades, resources, and shelters for the player to use.

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It is one of the largest village seeds in all of Minecraft and can be played on a relatively recent version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The seed is -854156397. Players who love villages and trading should definitely check this seed out.

#5 – Many biomes and nice view

Spruce forest (Image via minecraftforum)

This seed has several biomes for the player to explore, and the great addition of an open lake next to a spruce forest. Near this open lake and spruce forest, there's also a pretty abandoned village for the player to explore, and possibly repopulate.

The open lake is great for players who have shaders. This beautiful scene would be perfect for a YouTube video, and the biomes surrounding the lake provide the perfect amount of resources for the player to thrive. This seed is 356520714.

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