Best Professions For Monk Wow, Best Wow Professions For Each Class

MW = BS + Tailoring for the most spirit or int per minuteWW = BS + Engi for having a 1/6 chance to line up with CD”s (if used off cd), do not use Engi if you have on use DPS trinkets.BrM = BS + Alchemy, This gives you the most mitigation over a long period of time.= BS + Engineering, The on use Dodge gives you a powerful mini CD (of which BrM is lacking), and it isnt that much worse than AlchemyBS gives you the most versatility in stat choice so its always there.

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I”ve been running around with LW and Ench. If I had to do it over again I would probably stick with Ench/LW for the ring enchants and the ability to DE and chant my own gear. LW is great also for the wrist enchants etc. I have my rogue as a skinner so leather is never a problem.
I just went with inscription, because i didnt have it on any of my alts at max. The shoulder enchant is pretty nice. Probably not the best profession for a brm though.
I”m LW + BS which gives great and flexible static bonuses + I don”t have to buy pant enchants. Only regret is I haven”t leveled a mining or skinning farm character yet.


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I chose Inscription and Alchemy. I always do Alchemy at the start of expansions for flasks/pots, etc. Stuff is so expensive, that it saves in the end. Inscription because my monk was a new class, and seemed the easiest to level by far and the shoulder enchant made sense.
I think LW+BS is great.But like Ariosh, I”m neither too.I”ll probably lvl LW+BS when 5.1 goes live, or maybe now, or maybe never, idk, I”m using Insc+Eng atm.
I am using Jewelcrafting and Mining. While not incredibly useful at the moment, I have a feeling once raiding starts going and sockets are big again, JC will be restored to at least some of its former glory. I mostly like JC/Mining because I am completely self sufficient for sockets (Including three Serpents” Eye) and also can farm minerals when I want. In addition, selling gems is a lot smoother than selling armor in my opinion.Note: The JC bonus stats are passive.

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Engineering only delays on use trinkets by 10 seconds. So you end up having a longer burst time if you use them together.
As far as DPS goes, the best profession is Engineering without question. Second is personal preference, there”s something to be said for the professions where you can socket something other than agi if you want to (BS and JC), but I use LW because I like drums. Most of the professions other than engineering are essentially the same DPS-wise.
Alchemey/LW if you”re lazy. Super cheap enchants to bracers and pants (not pants if you”re chanting caster stats) and of course mixology= less flasks per raid.
Do you understand that the dps/hps/survival difference will be so small that you would never notice it in game?Any non-gathering profession is fine for monk, as well as for any other class. Its just a matter of personal preference.
Personally, I went Enchanting/Inscription. I like that I can enchant my own weapons/armor/rings/etc. I chose Inscription because 1. I”ve never had one and 2. DM cards.In the next few months, I”ll probably drop Inscription and pickup Blacksmithing.
Blacksmith offers flexibility even more so able to gem PvP Power.Leatherworker has the option to achieve the highest Stamina possible. But which tank really stacks stamina these days?Most other profession are similar with each other with the exception of Jewelcrafting being weak of PvP. Obligated to socket pure main stat instead of Main Stat + PvP Power.Engineering is still considered the best burst profession.Gathering is as always subpar in every context compared to crafting profession, which would be a different case if they did the 2x ratio for secondary stats but sadly it isn”t the case.
Honestly, the implementation of soulbound Spirit”s of Harmony, coupled with the Tiller Mote of Harmony harvest, has allowed me to make some big $$ with crafting professions.

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I”m running Inscription/Alchemy as a Pandaren Brewmaster. All those extra buffs and stats as well as mixology really help. The shoulder enchants are pretty boss, plus if you save up your scrolls of wisdom you can get an awesome starter staff no matter which spec you play.

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