best professions for rogue wow

1 Leatherworking and Skinning 2 Herbalism and Alchemy 3 Engineering and Mining 4 Jewelcrafting and Mining 5 Enchanting 6 Inscription 7 Blacksmithing 8 Summary

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Leatherworking and Skinning

Leatherworking and Skinning are a decent choice.


  [ Swiftthistle] , which is needed to make


[ Mixology] became available with Patch 3.0.2 which doubled the duration of Elixirs and Flasks for the Alchemist who learns the skill. This is beneficial in a raid.

Engineering and Mining

Engineering is arguably the best (and most fun) profession for a rogue (with Mining being the most beneficial complementary profession). It allows for a very distinct edge in combat. It can, however, be expensive, for while you usually only have to craft items once in engineering, the items tend to be a bit expensive at times. There are a few engineering items that require components crafted by other professions, from blacksmiths to tailors to alchemists. Picking up mining with Engineering will save you a lot of money indeed, however, still be prepared to spend a solid amount of gold. Also, don”t expect to be able to compensate your money with this profession, as Engineers make little to no money from their profession and still spend large amounts of money on items they still use at end game.

Some very notable items would be:

[ Adamantite Grenade] & [ Frost Grenade] – Can allow for an easy long range silence or just to stop someone from fleeing. [ Gnomish Death Ray] – Knock-down power at the cost of some of your own health. [ Parachute Cloak] – To ease sneaking from above and save your life once in a while. [ Catseye Ultra Goggles] – These give you a very distinct advantage against other rogues. [ Gnomish Rocket Boots] , [ Goblin Rocket Boots] , and eventually [ Rocket Boots Xtreme] provide 50%, 70% and 300% run speed increase (respectively). [ Gnomish Army Knife] – Great for keeping a group from having to rez. Vanish from a losing fight and then rez the rezzer. And this is good for every profession. [ Weakness Spectralizers] – One of the best headpieces in the game for a rogue. Not to be underestimated. [ Jeeves] is great for raiders.

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Sometimes a place to repair isn”t close. In those cases, drop one of these and have the raid restock on reagents and repair gear. And also gives the engineer bank acces to deposit newly got gear or materials.

With the release of WotLK, some engineering item enhancements were added, all of which can stack with normal item enchantments (These are only usable by engineers):


  [ Frag Belt] – Allows you to throw one grenade every 6 minutes and incapacitate targets for 3 seconds, also deals about 700 damage. Can not be used in arenas.


  [ Nitro Boosts] – Five second speed increase(150%), can be used every 3 minutes. It also adds +24 critical strike rating. This can not be used in arenas.


  [ Master”s Inscription of the Axe] to your shoulders once you reach Inscription level 400. This enhancement can be purchased with a


  [ Socket Gloves] and


  [ Socket Bracer] to add an extra socket to your gloves and bracers respectively. Weaponsmiths can make the [ Corroded Saronite Edge] and [ Corroded Saronite Woundbringer] , both decent weapons for the 78-80 push and the early part of your time at 80. Other rogue friendly weapons include the [ Titansteel Bonecrusher] and [ Titansteel Shanker] . As leveling blacksmithing to it”s highest is an expensive and time consuming task, you may be better served to level mining and ask someone else to make the Titansteel items for you. Finally, Blacksmith”s can make [ Eternal Belt Buckle] for themselves and others.


In short, each profession has different benefits. You have to decide what you want. Would you prefer making some decent cash over combat and survivability utilities in PvP and PvE that is offered by Engineering and Alchemy? Or would you prefer to have some profits coming out of your profession with less personal combat benefits such as Enchanting, Inscription, and possibly blacksmithing? (Note: not reccomended for rogues as they cannot use ANY of the gear made, and there are no WotLK weapons out there for any of the specializations.)

While some people personally like engineering, be prepared to drop a lot of money on the profession, as it”s not a strong money-making profession.

None of this makes any one profession the “right answer.” Experiment with the different professions to find the one you enjoy, it”s a compromise between what you want (profit or utility) and your budget. Play around with your choices and try to find where that line is and how fine it is.

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