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Hey everyone welcome back, with the the global release of Blade and Soul Revolution, I am sure some of you will be wanting to try out the game. In this video I am going to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each class and show you each one of their skills so you can make the best decision on the character you choose to play. If you want to learn more about the game, click the top right here for the full game review. Without further ado, let's dive into the video and if you guys are enjoying the videos, please make sure to leave a like and subscribe to the channel for more mobile gameplay and future Blade and Soul Guides.

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So first off, there are 4 races in Blade and Soul Revolution and each race has various available classes. The classes between the races doesn't vary in any way other than their appearance.

So we first have the Gong race which is male only and has the Kungfu Master and Destroyer class available. The Jin race can be both male and female that has the Blade Master, Kung Fu Master and Warlock class. Next we have the Lyn race which can be played as both male or female and has Force Master, Blade Dancer, Summoners and Warlock classes available. Finally we have the Yun race which is female only with the Blade Master and Force Master class.

Blade Masters are a very balanced class with a wide range of skills for both attacking and blocking. Although they are a melee DPS class, ranged enemies aren't a problem for them as they can easily use gap closers to get to their enemies and also block their attacks with some calculated timing. If you are a versatile player who wants to be able to tank or DPS then Blade Master is for you. Also Blade Masters can fight pretty evenly against most other classes in PvP without much advantages or disadvantages.


-Has a great skill kit which lets you play both aggressively and defensively at the same time, you can even full on block enemy skills.


Doesn't have too many crowd control skills

-Heavily relies on the timing of the block skill in PvP

In PvE, they are mainly played as a Tank or offensive Tank while in PvP, they are played as a burst style DPS class where you use your gap closer and unleash your combo and rely on your block skill while waiting for your skill to go off cooldown.


Destroyers are known as the brutes or main tanks of the Blade and Soul. The class is somewhat slower than the others but has an arsenal of crowd control skills to lock enemies in place and can use a massive stone shield to soak up damage. This class does much better in a group for PvE than solo due to their lacking damage. They also require you to play fairly smart in PvP as they are easily kited by other classes. However, once you can master this class, they become almost unstoppable.


-They have a lot of crowd control skills which becomes very useful in PvP


They are somewhat slow and doesn't deal high burst damage so it requires some skill juggling to reach your potential.

In PvE Destroyers can be played as a true tank compared to the Blade Master, they truly shine in PvP though as they are very scary to get close to because they can lock you in their skill combo for a long time and dealing significant damage.

Force Masters are the mage class and heaviest hitters in the game. They have very high damage AOE skills which can be casted from a distance and they are great for melting enemies in groups. They are somewhat of a glass cannon where they only specialise in offensive skills without much to support their defense other than Frost Prison which can make you invincible for a few seconds. The goal is to take enemies down from a distance before they get close to you, otherwise you'll be in trouble.


-They have the highest damage in the game.

-They are the strongest ranged class in the game.

-They are the best class for farming in PvE since they have massive AOE damage.


They have almost no defensive abilities or escapes, which means when a class with a lot of crowd control like a KungFu master locks them down, it will be very difficult to get out.

In PvE, Force Masters will be the best to have in the party for achieving the highest damage and fastest clearing speeds. They are especially great for clearing dungeons or areas with groups of monsters. In PvP, they can be played as a burst DPS where you can unload your skill rotation on your enemies from a far then do a combination of running away, using stuns and frost prison until your skills are off cooldown for a second round of attacks.

Kung Fu Masters has an insane amount of chain combo potential where you can chain lock your opponents into submission. This class is a bit more difficult to master because timing is very important with your counter skill and subsequent skills to achieve longer combos. Kung Fu Masters is played as a close range DPS class with a wide range of stun abilities and crowd control skills.


-Can block an enemy's attack and perform a counter

-Has very fast combos and attacks while being able to chain crowd control enemies


Not easy to master and it's easy to mess up difficult combos

-If you can't counter opponent skills, you will be at a major disadvantage

In PvE, Kung Fu Masters are primarily played as a melee DPS role but they cannot tank like the Blade Master or Destroyer. In PvP, Kung Fu Masters are one of the most difficult classes to fight against as they can counter all of your skills and lock you down with fast combos and crowd control.

Summoners fights with a pet cat along their side and their skills can apply to both your character or the pet. They are quite a versatile class with a combination of offensive abilities, team buffs, heals and a defensive skill that can make you go invisible when you are hit which is very useful for PvP.


-You have a pet and both of you can attack the enemy with different skills being casted simultaneously.

-You are the only class that can heal and go invisible.


Summoners can be quite squishy and can die easily if you aren't careful

In PvE, Summoners are a great addition to any party as they are the only class that can heal and support the team. In PvP, Summoners are really strong as well since they can keep their pet on the enemy while attacking, then use the invisibility skill to get away.

Blade Dancers won't be available right away on the global release unfortunately. This class primarily focuses on mobility, crit and high speed. Blade Dancers are extremely quick with the ability to unleash your skill rotations in the blink of an eye, and they also have an awesome phantom grip ability which can lift your enemies into the air while dealing damage to them.


-They are by far the fastest class in the game.

-Their Phantom Grip ability is extremely strong in PvP.


Being a melee class, they are very squishy, so you need to heavily rely on your speed to move in and out of combat.

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Blade Dancers are probably my favorite class in the game since they are just so quick on their feet and agile. Their skills are also very quick and looks epic. They make for a great DPS class for both PvE and PvP, but it is not a class for lazy players as they require players to constantly move around.

Warlocks won't be available right away on the global release just like the Blade Dancer. They are another mage class mostly using skills in the dark arts with talismans. This is primarily a mid ranged DPS class who can also summon a demonic being to fight with you. This class plays similar to the Summoner but with much more focus on dealing damage.


-It can summon a massive demon to fight for you and take aggro from the enemies

-You can deal huge damage with some powerful self buffs.


Warlocks is one of the weakest in terms of defensive capabilities and doesn't have many ways to escape. So try not to fight when your summon is on cooldown.

Warlocks play primarily as an offensive support DPS in PvE that can use the demon to tank monsters while you and the rest of the party deal DPS. In PvP, Warlocks are quite strong as they can use their demon summon to take on enemies while you kite around them with some huge damage skills.

Hopefully this guide has been helpful and given you some insight into each character. Good luck on getting the game started right and let me know what you think of the character you chose in the comments below. Also don't forget to drop a like on the video if you enjoyed this and subscribe for more. Until next time my friends, peace!

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