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Wow private servers – Best of 2020 and the impact of Classic server release by Blizzard

Since the release of Classic servers by Blizzard at the end of last year a lot of World of Warcraft private servers have been shut down due to lack of population and players interest. This had a negative impact on all Wow servers, the most affected are still the Vanilla classic and TBC, basically the lower patches 1.12.1 and 2.4.3.

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Here is a list of most stable and trustworthy servers that are still running with high potential this year. This top list is based on the total number of players online and website traffic statistics and records from Jan 2020. We will complete the list for other expansions also in short time.

Source: Wow Servers in collaboration with TopG: Wow private servers

Vanilla Wow private servers:

Wow TBC private servers:

Wow WOTLK private servers:

Wow Cata private servers:

Wow MoP private servers:

Wow WoD private servers:

Wow Legion private servers:

Wow BfA private servers:

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Cheers and thanks for the list of servers, will try them on. A lot of World of Warcraft private servers have been closed recently, Classic release was indeed devastating for this type of business and for some.

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1 year ago

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