Blue Axolotls in Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update: All you need to know

Introduced in Minecraft's 1.1.7 “Caves and Cliffs” update, Axolotls are passive mobs that can often be found in bodies of water in caves.

Though they do attack other water mobs, Axolotls are not aggressive towards the player. They come in five colors: Pink, brown, gold, cyan and blue. Blue Axolotls only have a 1/1200 or .083 percentage chance of spawning naturally in Survival Mode. If Minecraft players hope to capture a blue Axolotl of their own, the best method involves excessive breeding of the creatures.

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In addition to attacking water mobs, Axolotls can be persuaded to attack enemies using Tropical Fish. If they sustain damage, they can even play dead and avoid hostile contact while they heal.

Minecraft: Breeding a blue Axolotl

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Since finding a blue Axolotl in Minecraft Survival Mode naturally is exceptionally unlikely, the best means players have to acquire one is by breeding other Axolotls.

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In order to breed Axolotls, players should journey to a lush cave biome with either Tropical Fish, a bucket of Tropical Fish or a Lead. Axolotls will be attracted to the Tropical Fish and will follow the player similar to the way Sheep, Cows, and Mooshrooms follow players carrying wheat. Once players bring two Axolotls to a desirable area, they can begin breeding.

Feeding Tropical Fish to Axolotls will allow them to breed every five minutes. The resulting baby Axolotl has a near 99% chance to be born as one of its parent's colors. However, the incredibly small chance exists that it will become a rare blue Axolotl.

To cut down on time, Minecraft players should collect as many Axolotl as possible and breed them every five minutes using their Tropical Fish. Baby Axolotls mature in only 20 minutes, meaning they will also be able to breed.

It will likely take a significant amount of breeding to acquire the coveted blue Axolotl in the current Minecraft build, so players should make appropriate preparations.

Specifically, making a breeding pond that is isolated, deep and sizable will allow players to breed their Axolotls without allowing them to escape or come to harm. The undertaking will also, of course, take on a large amount of Tropical Fish regardless of whether they are by themselves or in a bucket.

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Buckets of Tropical Fish do have the bonus of speeding baby Axolotl growth, however, so players interested in speeding up the breeding process may want to opt for them.

With a little luck, a lot of materials and some determination, Minecraft players will be able to add the exceptionally rare blue Axolotl to their collection. For Survival Mode players, it is most certainly a point of pride.

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