Brawl Talk! New Brawler! New Skins! New Game Mode!? Brawl Stars Update

Hello and welcome to Brawl Talk. Happy 2020 And happy Lunar New Year We have a brand new environment, a new brawler, skins and so much more coming at you in this update First things first, let's talk about the new environment It is an Arcade And clearly this is most likely where 8-bit is from, if you haven't guessed The Arcade takes inspiration from Japan, Korea and China And as Ryan said, it's an Environment where some of our brawlers' actual home In addition, coming in this update, we have a new brawler His name is Mr. P. He's an amazing brawler. His main attack is a little bit of a shooting projectile and when it hits its target, it does a little bounce with some area of effect damage His super is a spawning item and from this item, you have little penguin drones spawning And these then go on and attack enemies with range attack And coming in this update, Mr.

P will come with a skin called Agent P Lunar New Year will not be the same without new skins And these skins are themed around the idea of the Arcade So we have Heroine Bibi which is really cool because Bibi didn't have a skin so far As well as Street Ninja Tara Again a brawler which only has one skin so far But that's not all 8-bit was taken over by evil virus And he got really really evil
Virus 8bit It's Virus 8bit In addition, keep an eye out on Valentine's Day, because we have a very special skin that might be showing up then And finally, we were inspired by a community post that was raising money for charities in Australia to help prevent the wild fires So we decided to do our part as well coming in this update will be Koala Nita And all of the net proceeds from this skin for the first few months will be donated to help charities in Australia. We have other improvements going on. So, base on your feedback we decided to actually revamp the trophy road a little bit and make it a little better.

And don't worry, if you finished the trophy road already, you will have a free mega box waiting for you after the update. Besides this, we also make the decision to remove Takedown and Lonestar for the moment, and with that, the solo mode. And let's talk about the Championship Challenge Out of millions of players, a huge congrats to the 21126 of you who got 15 wins, beat the challenge and will move on to the qualifiers. In addition, keep an eye out, cause we've got some great improvements coming to the champ challenge next month. We are really excited for this update and we cannot wait to see you there, be sure to subscribe, and… Wait! There is more! New Game Mode Hot Zone Well, that was a long video, huh guys? But don't forget to subscribe, like this video, comment down below, and we will see each other again in March.

I was gonna say all that before you interrupted us. And can't you believe that he wears his make up for 20 minutes for this? The whole time. Are you waiting for me? Yeah That's our outtake. We've been waiting for you the entire video. There are so many outtakes out there already..

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