Breaking The Light Breaker Wow, Good Suramaritan

Suramar is a level 110 zone on the Broken Isles, with its questing experience starting with


 <110> Arcane Thirst (grants Nightfall achievement credit)


 <110> An Old Ally

Chief Telemancer Oculeth


 <110> Power GridSide quests:


achievement continues the Nightfallen storyline started in Nightfallen But Not Forgotten. It is linear, with every next chapter requiring the completion of the previous one, as well as a certain level of reputation with The Nightfallen.

Đang xem: Breaking the light breaker wow

Completing these chapters unlocks the Insurrection storyline.

An Ancient Gift

This part of the achievement is completed at the same time as the “The Light Below” part of the


 <110> Dispensing CompassionComplete all of:


 <110> All Along the Waterways &


 <110> Shift Change


 <110> Friends On the Outside


 <110> The Old Fashioned Way


 <110> Silkwing Sabotage


 <110> Another Arcan”dor Closes…A Change of SeasonsOriginally required 20000/21000 Revered with The Nightfallen.Complete both of these quests to unlock the Insurrection storyline:

Side chapters

These chapters are not related to the Nightfallen storyline and can be done in any order.

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Breaking The Lightbreaker


 <110> Symbols of PowerMoon Guard Stronghold

Head due north across the river from the Irongrove Retreat flight path, along the narrow peninsula called Moonfall Approach.


 <110> The Rift BetweenSide chain:


 <110> Precious Little Left &


 <110> Stop the Spell SeekersTidying Tel”anor

Starts at the entrance to Tel”anor, after following the road there from Meredil.

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 <110> You”ve Got to Be Kitten Me Right MeowKalendros Irongrove quest chain


 <110> Finding Brytag


 <110> Arcan”dor, Gift of the Ancient Magi and


 <110> Answering Aggression &


 <110> Taking a PromenadeSentinel Moonshade:Magus Sendath:

Crafting War


 <110> Liadrin”s CommandSide chain:

March on Suramar

Elisande”s Retort

As Strong As Our Will

Complete all of:Felsoul HoldOculeth

Breaking the Nighthold

Side quests


Crimson Thicket


Lespin Silverleaf

Keelay Moongrow


Angus Stormbrew

The Menagerie

Unlocks the world quest


 <110WQ> Life Finds a Way.

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