Children are overweight if their body mass index (BMI) is above the 85th percentile on the growth chart.

Đang xem: Bullying differs from ordinary aggression because bullying attacks are _____.

Nine-year-old Devon writes, "My brother eats like a hungry pig." This statement demonstrates his understanding of _____.

A strategy in which school subjects are taught in both the learner”s original language and the second (majority) language is _____.

From an information-processing approach, the memory process has three major steps. What is the correct order of this process, beginning with the first component?

The presence of two or more unrelated disease conditions at the same time in the same person is referred to as _____.
John has the ability to talk informally with his friends and more formally to his teachers during class. Clearly, John understands the _____.

The component of the information-processing system in which current, conscious mental activity occurs is the _____.
According to Erikson”s theory, children in middle childhood tend to judge themselves as either _____.
A family that consists of one man, several wives, and the biological children of the man and women is a(n) _____.

The particular rules and behaviors that are passed down to younger children from older children are what define _____.

Because schoolchildren judge their own talents and limitations more realistically than preschoolers, _____.
The hygiene hypothesis states that modern children are overprotected from viruses and bacteria, which does not allow their immune systems to strengthen.

Eight-year-old Ava is able to listen to her teacher and concentrate on what she is saying even when her friends are talking around her. Ava is able to do this because of an improvement in _____.
The logical principle that allows objects to be grouped according to some characteristic that they share is called _____.

In the United States, public schools that set their own standards, are licensed by the state or local district, and receive funding from private money and sponsors are _____ schools.
When both parents live with their children and are mutually committed to them, _____ is likely to form.

Jefferson High School has a student council to guarantee student representation in school affairs. Jakob, a senior, has learned that the administration of this high school wants obedience. Obedience at Jakob”s school is an example of a hidden _____.

The child who weathers severe family problems, even abuse, and yet emerges from those experiences unscathed is said to be _____.

A marked deficit in a particular area of learning that is not caused by an apparent physical disability or by an unusually stressful home environment is referred to as _____.

Mastery of pragmatics allows children to change styles of speech, or "codes," depending on the audience. What code are children likely to use with their teachers?

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The approach to teaching a second language in which children spend the entire day instructed in that second language is referred to as the _____ approach.
After Maya told her friend the 5-digit password to a protected website, her friend was able to remember it only long enough to type it into the password box. In this instance, the password was clearly stored in her friend”s ________ memory.
Mastery of pragmatics allows children to change styles of speech, or "codes," depending on the audience. What code are children likely to use with their peers?

How readily past learning can be brought into working memory from long-term memory is referred to as _____.

Alexander is in the grocery store with his mom and he sees the candy-like cereal he saw advertised on television. He asks his mom to purchase it and she says no. He continues to beg, bargain, and pout until she concedes. Alexander demonstrated _____ power.

The field that uses insights into typical development to understand and remediate developmental disorders is developmental _____.

Olivia is an extremely timid and anxious 8-year-old girl. Other children seem to dislike her. She appears to be a(n) _____.

Mechanisms that combine memory, processing speed, and knowledge to regulate the analysis and flow of information within the information-processing system are referred to as _____.

When children assess their abilities, achievements, social status, and other attributes by measuring them against those of their peers, they are engaging in _____.

Children”s steady growth, brain maturation, and intellectual advances make middle childhood a time for more _____.

Tony has been married before and has two biological children. He has just married Natalia, who has also been married before and has a biological son. Their family is an example of a _____.

Maxwell and Rose are brother and sister who live with their biological parents. They live in a(n) _____.
Oussama is asked whether a person should steal food if he or she is starving. Oussama says no because it is against the law. Oussama is in Kohlberg”s _____ moral reasoning level, in the stage called _____.

The part of the memory-processing system in which current, conscious mental activity occurs is known as long-term memory.
A 3-year-old has a hard time catching a ball, whereas a 9-year-old has an easier time of it. One contributing factor for why the 9-year-old is better at ball catching than the 3-year-old is _____.
Researchers now recognize the active information processing that occurs in short-term memory and refer to it as ________ memory.

When comparing the growth of children from ages 6 to 11 to infants or adolescents, one notices that children _____.

Many parents believe that they mold their children”s personalities. However, research has found that _____.

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