Clifton Park, Ny, Location For Camp Bow Wow Clifton Park, Blaze Damages Dog Day Care In Clifton Park

CLIFTON PARK — The owners of Camp Bow Wow are still interested in rebuilding their dog daycare business, which was destroyedby a fire over the summer. But they can”t say when that process might start.

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The building at 1739 Route 9 was weeks from opening as a newly renovated and expanded boarding facility for dogs when a fire destroyed the building on July 31.The building was previously home to Giffy’s barbecue, which moved to a new buildingin town.

The cause of the fire is still unclear. Matt Beck, owner of the Clifton Park business, confirmed he is still paying taxes on the propertyand that he is working through the insurance process.

“We hope to rebuild and are slowly working through the loss valuation and insurance process, which has many parties involved and is slow and complicated,” Beck said. “The state advised that there was no evidence of arsonbut has not released its files yet, slowing the process further.”

He noted that any speculation on what a new Camp Bow Wow would look like would be premature at this point.

According to Clifton Park Building Department Director Steve Meyer, Beck applied for a demolition permit two or threemonths ago. But until all insurance matters have been cleared up, he said, the permit cannot be granted, and the building cannot be demolished to make way for a new structure.

Beck confirmed he applied for the permitbut said the insurance process needs to be tied up before that work can begin.

Meyer said he doesn”t have building code concerns about the burned-out structure, which is fenced off and secure.

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“There”s no access to the site, so it”s not an issue,” he said. Meyers pointed out that, since Beck would eventually build a new structure there,he would need to apply for a new building permit.

Camp Bow Wow would not need other town approvals, as long as the new structure adheres to thesite plan that was originally approved by the Planning Board, Town Planning Director John Scavo said.

Scavo said he spoke to the project”s contractorin August after the fire to check what the next steps would be forgetting the business off the ground, but he hasn”t heard anything since then. Scavo said he hasn”t heard complaints about the site being an eyesoreand agreed with Meyersthat the site is secure and doesn”t pose any danger.

“People can”t just wander in,” he said. “From a safety standpoint, the site is secured.”

The only calls he”s received about the project, he said, are from people with questions about whether a rebuild is planned, or from residents expressing sympathy over the fact that thebuilding was destroyed.

“It takes time to figure out what the next steps are after a fire,” Scavo said.

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The old Giffy”s building had been completely rstructured for CampBow Wow andwould havefeatured a 3,wtbblue.com5-square-foot addition to the rear of the building. Outdoor enclosed play areas were going to be constructed in the parking lot, giving the business the ability to accommodate up to 70 dogs.

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