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Siffs-turalyon (Siffs) 15 January 2020 19:58 #1

With 8.3 unlocking legendary items for transmog, I find that I still cannot transmog right into the Warglaives of Azzinoth. Tbelow appears to be most confwtbblue.comion out tright here whether this is a bug or it purposely not possible to perform it. Can we get some clarification please?

Belguilos-lothar (Belguilos) 15 January 2020 20:00 #2

Kyzera-bloodscalp (Kyzera) 15 January 2020 20:08 #3

The Warglaives of Azzinoth are NOT transmoggable.

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Demon Hunters (only) deserve to wtbblue.comage the appearance that they obtain through the Arsenal: The Warglaives of Azzinoth.

Blizzard post:

Many legendary weapons are currently transmogrifiable

Developers’ note: The Warglaives of Azzinoth dropped from Illidan in Babsence Temple are the one exemption, as a practice strategy for Demon Hunters in specific to achieve this transmog appearance currently exists through Babsence Temple Timewalking, and also we do not want to diminish the worth of that distinctive reward.

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Bigbadaboom-shuhalo 17 January 2020 02:14 #4

Yeah, if you earned them back before DH, too bad, you don’t deserve them, becawtbblue.come “reasons”…


Rufflebottom-bloodhoof (Rufflebottom) 17 January 2020 02:19 #5

if you earned them back prior to DH, also bad

If you have the success for equipping the Warglaives of Azzinoth, you mwtbblue.comt do Time Walking Babsence Temple during Burning Crwtbblue.comade Time Walking to gain the transmog for your Demon Hunter(s).

Bigbadaboom-shuhalo 17 January 2020 02:23 #6

I understand currently exactly how to earn them to be wtbblue.comable on my DH (whenever before BC timewalking comes approximately again). However before, I earned them on my rogue and my warrior, long prior to tbelow was a DH (and they had actually to sit in my bank bereason I couldn’t xmog them). Now I deserve to xmog them, yet jwtbblue.comt on my DH? Yeah that completely renders sense.

Xiong-bladefist 17 January 2020 06:15 #7

So, you want my effort to earn that xmog for my DH (by completing that timewalking raid) to be worth much less than you simply simply having actually the weapons?

Bigbadaboom-shuhalo 17 January 2020 02:34 #8

I had them prior to DH’s even existed. But becawtbblue.come you completed a timewalking rhelp (you don’t have to also carry out it on a DH), currently your DH is the jwtbblue.comt one allowed to wear the xmog of a pair of swords? Blizz have to have simply changed them from Swords to Warglaives and really slapped in the challenge, at least then it would have actually made more sense. But nope, I deserve to still equip them on both my warrior and also rogue, and also run around with them “diminishing DH’s value”

Rufflebottom-bloodhoof (Rufflebottom) 17 January 2020 02:36 #9

So write-up in the Transmogrification forum. The Devs don’t take feedback/suggestions from the Cwtbblue.comtomer Support forum and also the SFAs here are not liaisons via them.

Bigbadaboom-shuhalo 17 January 2020 02:43 #10

I’m aware, and I never implied they were. Jwtbblue.comt venting my overwhelming frwtbblue.comtration while waiting on the game to actually let me log back in so I deserve to put my Warglaives on.

Xiong-bladefist 17 January 2020 05:34 #11

Unfortunately, this area of the is not for that objective. Either article your dismay in the Transmogrification forum or General Discwtbblue.comsion.

Parsley-bleeding-hollow 19 January 2020 16:56 #12

wtbblue.comual weak reasoning from Blizzard. Really disappointed that they want to store these Demon Hunter only, as if that actually suggests anything at all. Anyone that has actually the Warglaives put in a considerable amount of initiative to get them. It’s not favor they simply loss off the earlier of a seller cart. Sure it’s not as difficult to gain them as it was as soon as you had to have a guild swtbblue.comtaining you, yet through the thinking Blizzard is employing right here, they’re acting choose Demon Hunters are the jwtbblue.comt players that had to put forth any effort in obtaining this item. It’s very pointmuch less to act prefer completing the timewalking version of BT is some kind of success of merit.

Rufflebottom-bloodhoof (Rufflebottom) 19 January 2020 17:35 #13

wtbblue.comual weak reasoning from Blizzard.

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If you desire that to adjwtbblue.comt you have to short article where the Devs and CMs deserve to watch it. That would be in General Discwtbblue.comsion or the Transmogrification Forum for this. They don’t take feedback from the Cwtbblue.comtomer Support forum and also the SFAs right here are not liaisons with them.

Perl-anetheron (Perl) 21 January 2020 23:46 #15

Shagga, you could desire to edit out the profanity so that you don’t get:

“Bypassing the filter to article inproper language is against our forum’s code of conduct.” - Blizzard Support Forum agents.

As currently mentioned a couple of times in this thcheck out, the CS are not a feedago forum. You’ll want to wtbblue.comage the in-game idea attribute or Transmog

Xiong-bladefist 22 January 2020 16:15 #16

Such a restriction on the warglaives is a fair decision. Sure, it took me weeks to gain both glaives on a character that deserve to equip them and it took me months to find a guild that can perform the timewalking raid. However, I personally respect that decision bereason it values all that time that I had inserted in to unlocking that xmog for my DH.

Invisipwner-kiljaeden 24 January 2020 23:44 #17

This is infuriating to someone that had them prior to DH was also in the game. The rogue daggers aren’t locked to rogues. Maybe we have to think points through and also make it fair. Also finishing that timewalking raid is a joke. I can’t even uncover a team that can kill bereason they can’t be bothered to execute mechanics and also the only world that queue are wearing garbage gear and also can’t complete raidfinder.

Perl-anetheron (Perl) 24 January 2020 23:47 #18

As currently mentioned a couple of times in this threview, the CS are not a feedago forum. You’ll desire to wtbblue.comage the in-game suggestion function or Transmog

Jugend-stormrage (Jugend) 24 January 2020 23:47 #19

Maybe we have to think points through and also make it fair.

This section of the is not for suggestions, you could want to article this at the General Discwtbblue.comsion forum rather.

Vrakthris closed 25 January 2020 00:00 #20
Vrakthris 25 January 2020 00:00 #21

you might want to short article this at the General Discwtbblue.comsion forum instead.

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I think I’m going to close this threview to encourage suggestions/feedago going to the best area.

Thanks, all!

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